12 Takes with Dave Anthony

It feels so good to be back!

Lots to get excited about for all the teams in the MJHL and lots to catch up on. New faces, new expectations and lots of hope for a safe and full year.

The regular season starts tomorrow, so let’s get started with a brand new season of Takes!

Take 1: We have to give it up to the people who’ve worked so hard to make this year possible. From Mr. Saurette to Erik Swar to the individual team boards to the coaches to the players to the officials to the volunteers to the fans. The hockey community is a COMMUNITY and this year really tested that, yet the people who love this game and league have stepped up in a big way. It’s special and everyone should be proud for being a part of it.

Take 2: The whole “we are in this together, this is so special, glad to be back” feelings will fade the moment the team you cheer for gives up a goal. I don’t know if there’s a better feeling than when your team scores or the opposite when they give one up. I’ve missed both those feelings and can’t wait to get them back.

Take 3: To all the broadcasters and PA announcers this year… good luck! Lots and lots of new names on teams across the league and I’m sure there are even some coaches that may need a little help pronouncing them properly. There’s always friends or family listening and watching, so take a little time pre-game to get the names right. I say that being one of the guilty ones who’s been known to get a name or two wrong.

Take 4: 3 on 3 overtime was such a great thing to bring into the league. Even in the pre-season, it’s entertaining and fun. This year, I think there are a number of players that will show off some impressive skills with all that room that will be available. As someone who isn’t a fan of the shootout, I’m all for ending games before a solo breakaway challenge.

Take 5: I don’t know why this bugs me so much and I’m sure coaches hate it way more than I do but missing the net just drives me crazy. I get it, goalies are huge these days. You have to have almost a perfect shot to beat them. Scoring is really, really hard so if you get in a good position, hit the net. For me, it starts in warmups. I feel like this is the hockey version of the old man yelling at the clouds.

Take 6: Shout out to the online scorers. I have a chat with someone that has done it a couple times and they expressed just how much goes into it. It’s one of those things that maybe we don’t appreciate until somethings’ going wrong then we only chirp or make comments. It’s a complicated part that always has a lot going on. If you’re someone who does or has done the online scoring, we should all salute you.

Take 7: If you haven’t downloaded the MJHL app yet, you totally should. It’s so handy from the schedule to scores to terrific articles like 12 Takes right on your smart phone.

Take 8: Billets are awesome and the league doesn’t happen without them. Whether you have one or two or even four players in your home, it’s what makes hockey dreams possible. I know that billets are more then just a bed and a meal, they welcome players into their lives. The are there through good times and tough times. It’s always great to see when billet families have little kids and they come to the games cheering on their billet brothers. It’s always cool to see.

Take 9: To all the players who didn’t make an MJHL team this year, here’s hoping you catch on somewhere else and have a really great season. There are always more players than roster spots and there will be a lot of really great kids that don’t end up on the team. To their families and to them, all the best.

Take 10: I went out for a round of golf with Pistons coach Paul Dyck. He out drove me off the tee using his 7 iron. Yes, I was using my driver. I couldn’t even be mad, it was just impressive.

Take 11: It took a few tries before I remembered how to tie a tie. I wonder if there are coaches that will have the same problem or if there will be no-tie games in the near future. A sweatervest is warm AND looks good.

Take 12: I saw this on Twitter from Ken Pearson, he posted this picture and I wanted to share it said because I think it’s just terrific.

Be a great teammate: When you come around, do you bring energy or steal it?

Those who bring energy: lead their team, encourage others, do what’s asked.

Those who steal energy: complain, whine, put others down.

Be aware that you are your habits, good or bad and that your habits affect your performance.