ANAVET Cup Returns after Brief Hiatus

The Manitoba and Saskatchewan Junior Hockey Leagues are pleased to announce that the two leagues have renewed the ANAVET Cup series. The winner of this best-of-seven series advances to the RBC Cup.

MJHL Commissioner Kim Davis and SJHL President Bill Chow announced today that ANAVET Cup play will take place in late April.

“Both leagues look forward to the renewal of the ANAVET (Army, Navy, Airforce Veterans) Cup,” Chow and Davis said jointly. “The ANAVET Cup has a long and deep history going back to 1971.”

“To be able to have the symbol of the ANAVET’s associated to the MJHL and SJHL and in a way of recognizing our Veterans for their dedication for the freedom that Canada has today is a huge honour.”

The return of the ANAVET Cup was initiated after the former regional Junior A championship, the Western Canada Cup, was not renewed by the four partner leagues: BCHL, AJHL, SJHL and MJHL. Subsequently, a renewal of the ANAVET Cup for Manitoba and Saskatchewan was negotiated by the two leagues and the ANAVETS.

The 2017 – 2018 ANAVET Cup will begin on April 27 and 28 at the home arena location of the MJHL Champion. The remaining games of the ANAVET Cup championship will be communicated to the public after each of the league playoffs get underway and a final schedule for the entire event is approved.


The Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans (ANAVETS) are Canada’s oldest (formed in 1840) veterans’ and community service organization. The many units across the country provide the members with a place to share their camaraderie and to operate programs in support of veterans, the disabled, seniors and the community in general. ANAVETS further support the country’s youth academic development through their bursary and scholarship awards programs plus sports like hockey (ANAVET Cup) and football (ANAVETS Bowl).