CJHL Board supports SJHL Commissioner

CALGARY, Alta. – Following a recent news article wherein the motives of Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League Commissioner Bill Chow were questioned, in the wake of the establishment of the SJHL Assistance Fund, following the Humboldt Broncos tragedy on April 6, 2018, the Canadian Junior Hockey League Board has responded in support of the SJHL Commissioner.

According to the article there is a dispute between former board members of the Humboldt Broncos and the SJHL President, Mr. Bill Chow. The particulars of the dispute are unknown to the CJHL member leagues.

It is not the role of the CJHL to judge either party or to lay blame anywhere.

However, the CJHL can speak clearly and truthfully about Mr. Chow and his character.

Manitoba Junior Hockey League Commissioner Kim Davis, from his Winnipeg office offered the following:

“Having worked closely with Bill Chow since he was appointed Commissioner of the SJHL, my observations are that everything Bill Chow has done has been for the purpose of supporting young men and hockey players in that league, as well as the CJHL, overall.”

“Bill was previously employed in law enforcement for 30-plus years and served as a scout for Western Hockey League hockey clubs, over the years, earning the respect of all, in both his vocation and avocation.

The CJHL Board wanted it stated, that in their opinion, Bill has worked his entire professional career focusing on helping both the hockey community, and his community outside of hockey, which has been especially evident in the eight years he has served as SJHL President.

“Bill Chow is a man of integrity whose character is beyond reproach,” stated CJHL President Brent Ladds.

“We do not believe that Bill would ever act outside of what might lie within the best interests, of current SJHL or CJHL players, or those players who will participate under the CJHL umbrella, in the future.”

“The personal losses suffered by those directly involved is unimaginable and Bill tried exceedingly hard to provide comfort, presence, and support, to the families since the tragedy,” added Ladds.

There is much to reflect on in the period since this awful tragedy.

An undeniable impression was the rock-steady support by Mr. Chow of his league members, especially the Humboldt Broncos and the players, coaches, staff and families affected.