Convo with the Coach | Josh Green

Over the next 12 weeks we’ll get to know the coaches from across the MJHL.

Dave Anthony asked all the coaches 12 questions and they shared their hockey history, how they got into coaching and a whole lot more.

We always get to hear their names, now let’s get to know the men behind the bench.

Josh Green – Winnipeg Freeze

DA: What’s your hockey background? Did you play?

JG: Played 20 years pro split between the NHL, AHl and 3 leagues in Europe. Played 5 years in the WHL junior in Medicine Hat, Swift Current and Portland.

DA: How did you get into coaching?

JG: Got into coaching almost immediately after I was done playing. Spent time at Jets Hockey Development working under Dave Cameron who is a big influence for me. Also was an assistant coach with the Winnipeg Blues for the 2018-19 season.

DA: What do you remember feeling standing on the bench as a head coach for the first time?

JG: I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility standing behind the bench for the 1st time. But it was also a feeling of immense excitement.

DA: What is your favorite or least favorite practice drill to run?

JG: ┬áLeast favorite drills to run are conditioning skates. I don’t find a lot of value in just skating the kids. In fact, I rarely do them anymore. I find more value in creating competition within conditioning drills. So sometimes, because they are competing/battling they don’t even realize they are working on conditioning.

DA: Is there a trade you’ve made or player recruitment/signing that stands out to you as being one of the best moves you’ve ever made?

JG: Nothing stands out for me as far as any trades or recruits as of yet.

DA: Who from your past (either playing with or being coached by) would you say had a great influence or impact on you as a coach today?

JG: I had a coach in junior by the name of Perry Pearn who had a major impact on me. Taught me work ethic, accountability along with a good understanding of how the game should be played.

DA: Which former player stands out as one of your favorites to coach or to have around the rink every day?

JG: My 1st year as a coach I had a player by the name of Kelton Sutherland (our captain that year) who was a joy to be around every day. Let by example with the work he put in on a daily basis and wasn’t afraid to speak up if he sensed something was off with either the group or even us as a staff. I really appreciated the feedback especially as a young coach. He is actually a part of my staff with the Freeze now.

DA: If you could coach an NHL team, which team would it be and why?

JG: I would love to coach in a Canadian market. I love the passion that the fan bases have in the Canadian cities. Difficult at times, no question but I think it would be incredibly rewarding to win in one of those cities, since it hasn’t been done since ’93.

DA: In a post-game interview, which question do you like answering the least?

JG: I don’t like to talk about specific individuals during a post-game interview. I prefer to keep it team oriented.

DA: Why do you like coaching for the organization you do?

JG: I enjoy coaching with this organization because the people I’m surrounded with are committed to developing, not only the player, but the person as well. We have almost every resource available to make this happen.

DA: What do you like about the town/city you coach for?

JG: I love Winnipeg. It is my home now. I am originally from Alberta but I’ve been here since 2004 when I played for the Moose, and we have put down roots here and feel very comfortable here. Special shout out to Headingley, which is where we reside. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

DA: Who’s a current player on your team you feel deserves more attention from fans around the league? (This will be used for a future 12 Takes story).

JG: Brandt Young is a special player for us. For a 1st year player to come in and play the minutes he plays and have the responsibility he has is very impressive. He wears an ‘A’ for us which just shows you his maturity as well.