Glow of RBC Cup victory brightens entire MJHL

The future of the MJHL continues to look bright, highlited with the RBC Cup now comfortably resting in Portage with the national champion Terriers.

“Our league continues to move forward in terms of player development, fan interest and increased profile at the national level,” said MJHL Commissioner Kim Davis. “We’re seeing more players commit to NCAA schools, more players moving on to professional hockey and young, highly-skilled players entering our league.

“Our focus has always been to look forward in terms of enhancing our product both on and off the ice. The Terriers’ success at the national level confirmed that the league’s image is positive and well received by those outside our province.”

The MJHL’s image has grown substantially at the national level thanks to hosting high-profile events: RBC Cup twice (Portage & Dauphin), and Crescent Point Energy Western Canada Cup (Dauphin).

“The MJHL has a number of new, excellent facilities,” said Davis. “Our league’s image has grown substantially over the last decade. When Portage won the RBC Cup, that not only brought their organization to another level, but also enhanced the entire MJHL.”

In addition to assisting teams recruit players, the league’s ability to attract national advertisers has also improved dramatically.

“The league and its member clubs will continue to make the league as healthy as possible,” said Davis. “Our teams are very aware that they must work hard both on and off the ice in terms of recruitment of players, enhancing marketing opportunities and developing partnerships within their respective community.”

In the meantime, for the next year, Portage and the MJHL will be No. 1 in the CJHL.