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In the System


All 11 teams in the MJHL have a 50 Player Protected List used to obtain and list players.

Future MJHL Players from Manitoba will be scouted during their Bantam Seasons and CANNOT be Listed by a MJHL team until the MJHL Bantam Draft is held every year in June.


Each team in the MJHL will protect two players from their current zone in the month of March prior to the MJHL Draft. These players will NOT be included in the MJHL Draft.

Players who are eligible for the Draft are Manitoba players who were not protected and are in their 15th year (Just finished 2nd year Bantam).

The MJHL Draft consists of 6 Rounds with each MJHL team allocated one pick per round.

The Draft Order is based on the order of finish by teams in the standings from the most recent season. The team that finishes last in the standings will receive the first pick in the Draft and the selections will follow in that same order for the rest of the Draft.

Each team is allowed to select a Draft Eligible Player from any region/zone in Manitoba who was not initially protected.

At the conclusion of the MJHL Draft, each team will have selected up to 8 players (2 protected players and 6 drafted players). These players do not have to be added to the team’s 50 Player Protected List until their 16th birthday.

*If these Players are not added to a teams 50 Player Protected List by their 16th birthday, they are considered Free Agents in the MJHL.

*Players will be notified by a MJHL Team representative when they have been Protected, Drafted, Listed, Traded for or Traded by that Team.

*Players can be Drafted and Listed by Teams in both the MJHL and WHL.

*Players playing in a MJHL pre-season, regular season or play-off game will NOT lose their NCAA Eligibility.


First year Midget players are ineligible to play as roster players but can play as an affiliate player.


MJHL teams are only permitted to sign up to two (2) 16-year-olds per season and those players/parents and team must sign a Hockey Manitoba Midget/Junior Agreement Form.

Sixteen year olds CANNOT be traded and are to remain on their MJHL team for the entire season.

MJHL teams are allowed 19 affiliate players per season with two (2) of those spots reserved for goalies.

Once a player signs a Junior Affiliation Agreement with a MJHL team, they are eligible to play up to 10 MJHL games during their current Midget season with that team.

They are also eligible to play an unlimited number of MJHL games with that team once their individual Midget season ends.

A player can be on the affiliate list of a MJHL team and a WHL team at the same time.


All players who attend a MJHL team's main training camp are protected by that team until released from training camp. If they are on the teams Protected List, then their MJHL playing rights still remain with that team. If not, they are considered a free agent in the MJHL.

There are no limits on the number of 17, 18 or 19-year-olds per team in the MJHL.

Players in the MJHL who are 18 years old and up, can be traded to other MJHL teams and/or other teams within the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL).

MJHL teams are only allowed to dress seven twenty-year-olds per game with most teams averaging six or less.

MJHL teams are allowed to dress six import players (American Players) per game.

Players can play in the Western Hockey League (WHL) while being listed by a MJHL team and vice versa.

During the last few seasons in the MJHL we have had players drafted to the NHL, players attend NHL Development Camps, we have had a Coach win the CJHL Coach of the Year, many players have received NCAA Scholarships, we have had players move on to play U Sports Hockey and many more have went on to play in the WHL and USHL.

 These numbers continue to grow!  The rest is up to you!