MJHL announces 2021-22 Safety & Vaccination Directives

WINNIPEG, MB – The MJHL has announced Safety and Vaccination Directives in preparation for the 2021/22 Season.

“The MJHL’s number one priority is to ensure the health and safety of ALL players, staff, officials and the entire MJHL Community as we prepare for the upcoming season safely and responsibly. Everyone has worked through very difficult, uncertain and stressful conditions this past year and we are all extremely excited for our elite athletes to return to playing the game they love in September in a healthy environment.  I am very encouraged by the positive indications that the vast majority of MJHL players / staff / officials are already or will be fully vaccinated in advance of MJHL training camps beginning late August / early September.” – Kevin Saurette, MJHL Commissioner.

The MJHL continues to be a strong advocate for COVID-19 vaccinations following the advice and recommendations of #ProtectMB and Doctor’s Manitoba with the full expectation that ALL medically capable individuals associated with MJHL organizations will be fully vaccinated by August 15th.  This would ensure that all individuals will have maximum immunity / protection (full immunization) from COVID-19 in advance of MJHL training camps.

*Fully Vaccinated means individuals having received the full series of Vaccines authorized in Canada at least 14 days before any Team activity. COVID-19 Vaccines: Authorized vaccines – Canada.ca


Players / Staff / Officials WILL be required to submit proof of immunization prior to arrival for training camp and / or participating in team activities.

Immunization verification may be obtained via Digital Immunization Card, Physical Vaccination Card, Immunization Record, Proof of Immunization or an Official Document issued by a Canadian province or territory containing information of a person’s COVID-19 vaccination history. If individuals / teams require more information on Proof of Immunization they can visit: https://gov.mb.ca/covid19/vaccine/immunization-record.html

Players / Staff / Officials who are NOT fully vaccinated in advance of training camp and / or team activities will be required to produce a negative PCR Covid Test taken within 72 hours before the individual may participate in ANY team activity involving two or more individuals.

*The test must be performed using a COVID-19 molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

*Ongoing tests WILL be required throughout the 2021/22 season for unvaccinated individuals until such time they meet fully vaccinated requirements.

*It will be the responsibility of the individual to organize and cover the costs associated with required PCR tests.

Players / Staff / Officials who are NOT fully vaccinated will be required to wear a face covering or non-medical mask at all times while inside an arena / training facility for MJHL sanctioned individual / team activities – Including while actively participating in on-ice and off-ice indoor activity (games, practices, workouts, etc.).

Non-medical mask or face covering must be worn properly to cover one’s nose and mouth at all times. Penalties will occur should the Player / Staff not wear the mask properly during games.

International Players (American Players / Staff), who currently reside in the U.S. and who qualify as fully vaccinated travelers, will be able to enter Canada for discretionary travel starting August 9 2021. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/news/2021/07/government-of-canada-announces-easing-of-border-measures-for-fully-vaccinated-travellers.html

All International (American travelers) will be required to submit a negative Covid-19 test result and proof of vaccination prior to arrival by way of the ArriveCAN smartphone app or web portal, but post-travel test results will no longer be necessary.

Fully vaccinated domestic travelers (MJHL players coming from out-of-province) entering Manitoba from anywhere in Canada are exempt from the self-isolation requirement. As such, they will NOT have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival, provided at least two weeks have passed since the full completion of their COVID-19 vaccination required doses.

Players / Staff entering Manitoba who are NOT fully vaccinated will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival before participating in any team activities. To learn more about current travel protocols, including exemptions, please visit the Province of Manitoba’s website. Province of Manitoba | State of Emergency and Public Health Orders (gov.mb.ca)

Players / Staff / Officials who are NOT fully vaccinated and are identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case will be required to self-isolate for at least 14 days before resuming participation in team activities. Players / Staff / Officials who are Fully Vaccinated and are identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case are EXEMPT from self-isolation requirement. https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/fundamentals/self-isolation.html#exemptions

It is imperative that the MJHL offer a safe environment and mitigate risk for ALL players, staff & officials and throughout MJHL communities in preparation for the fall and season ahead. This can be achieved either through the completion of a full vaccination series of doses or with regular PCR testing for those who are unable or unwilling to get fully vaccinated or until such time an individual completes their full vaccination series of doses.

Please Note: The vaccination directives as outlined may be subject to change and do not preclude future public health orders or MJHL directives requiring a mandate that ONLY fully vaccinated players / staff / officials will be permitted to participate in MJHL activities during the 2021/22 season (training camps, on and off-ice training, practice, game play, etc.).

The MJHL is still awaiting further guidance / direction from public health authorities as to what role vaccinations will play for spectators attending MJHL games (spectator capacity) come September.

Puck drops for Opening Weekend in the MJHL on Friday, September 17th.

Please stay tuned for further exciting announcements to come.

About the MJHL

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League is one of nine Junior ‘A’ Hockey Leagues in Canada and is a proud member of the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL). The MJHL exists to provide the best hockey development opportunities its players.

Our goal is to develop players and ultimately have them develop into solid citizens who make a positive contribution to their community. Communities with a Junior ‘A’ hockey club generate their spirit in and around the community arena facilities. The goal of the MJHL is to provide its fans, communities and supporters with the best possible hockey product through dedication to improvement in all areas of the game both on and off the ice.

Mission Statement

To provide each MJHL player with an elite hockey development experience with a strong emphasis on education and positive citizenship. To deliver exciting Junior ‘A’ hockey action to fans throughout the province and enhance Manitoba communities in the spirit of sports excellence and goodwill.