MJHL announces official partnership with InStat Hockey

WINNIPEG, MB – The Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) is excited to officially announced a video analysis and statistical data partnership with InStat Hockey for the 2021-2022 season.

InStat is used by league and federation offices, coaches, scouts and management as a data and communication tool assisting in coaching processes, player development, statistical analysis, and video scouting. At the team level, coaches and players can receive detailed game-by-game analytical reports, player shifts, and emailed web links to all corresponding to data-specific video.

“We are extremely excited to add InStat Hockey as an official partner for the upcoming season,” said MJHL Commissioner, Kevin Saurette. “InStat will provide valuable development benefits for players, team staff and on-ice officials while allowing for enhanced exposure opportunities for our athletes.”  It will also provide teams with an advanced tool to better analyze player and team performance by way of detailed video and advanced statistics.”

With InStat, coaches will receive team statistics and individual player data for each game, including time on ice, shots, scoring chances, faceoffs, hits, saves, and more advanced stats such as CORSI and xG. The league and its teams will also have the ability to use the video of teams and players from various professional, collegiate, junior and youth programs worldwide, for the purpose of scouting and player development.

“The MJHL is a premier junior hockey league and a leader when it comes to player development and technological enhancements, and we are confident that our services will only support in the growth and development of not just the players, but also the coaches and on-ice officials,” InStat Director of North America, Mark Yates explained.

“This new partnership with the league, after teams this past season were able to use InStat during the pandemic, just goes to show the value and the trust they have in our product and how we can be an asset to the players and teams individually, and the league as a whole,” Yates continued.

Benefits of the MJHL – InStat Partnership:

  • MJHL Coaches receive full statistical / video breakdown of every MJHL game
  • MJHL Coaches receive post-game analytical reports
  • MJHL Coaches receive pre-scout analytical reports
  • MJHL Coaches can watch and use NHL clips as a coaching/development tool
  • MJHL Coaches receive access to all leagues (any game video/stats/clips available to review)
  • Players provided their own player page + NHL team and player pages
  • Players receive a one-page, individual, analytical report after each game
  • Players will receive direct video links to their important actions and all shifts
  • Players can create their own highlights by clipping videos, creating their own playlists and sharing or downloading videos
  • Players can watch NHL players to learn from the best and develop their own game
  • Maximum player exposure to NHL, CHL, NCAA D-I, D-III, and USports teams
  • All clients at the levels above will have direct access to the MJHL teams and players
  • InStat’s partnership with RinkNet means seamless access for scouts to view MJHL player video (from InStat) directly from a player’s RinkNet profile
  • On-ice Officials receive the capability to enter the platform and review their performance(s)
  • On-ice Officials receive video links to their actions, calls and a full post-game report via email
  • MJHL League Office to receive access to the platform for the purposes of discipline review, marketing / promotion, player / coach development, etc.

Please stay tuned for further exciting announcements in the days to come.

InStat Sport, founded in 2007, is a leading provider of performance analysis services in football/soccer, basketball and ice hockey. Ice hockey clients of InStat range from the top North American and European professional, collegiate, junior and youth hockey leagues and teams in both men’s and women’s hockey. For more information regarding the InStat platform and range of services, visit www.instatsport.com

About the MJHL

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League is one of ten Junior ‘A’ Hockey Leagues in Canada and is a proud member of the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL). The CJHL is an association of ten Junior ‘A’ leagues in Canada. The MJHL exists to provide the best hockey development opportunities for players.

Our goal is to develop players and ultimately have them develop into solid citizens who make a positive contribution to their community. Communities with a Junior ‘A’ hockey club generate their spirit in and around the community arena facilities. The goal of the MJHL is to provide its fans, communities and supporters with the best possible hockey product through dedication to improvement in all areas of the game both on and off the ice.

Mission Statement

To provide each MJHL player with an elite hockey development experience with a strong emphasis on education and positive citizenship. To deliver exciting Junior ‘A’ hockey action to fans throughout the province and enhance Manitoba communities in the spirit of sports excellence and goodwill.