MJHL announces playoff format

WINNIPEG, MB – The Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) is excited to officially announce the 2020-21 COVID-19 Modified Playoff Standings and Format.

2020-21 MJHL Standings
The MJHL Playoff Standings will be based off Winning Percentage (three decimal points) for the upcoming season instead of overall points. This will allow for consistency throughout the season in the realistic event that all teams are not able to play an equal amount of games this season due to COVID-19 or weather related scheduling implications.

Tie breakers
1) Overall Winning Percentage based on games played
2) Head to Head Winning Percentage
3) Head to Head Goal Differential
4) Most games played

2020-21 MJHL Playoffs
Playoff format will follow closely to the divisional structure that has been implemented for the Regular Season as expected by Sport Manitoba, Hockey Manitoba and Public Health to allow for significantly reduced travel, risk of spread and/or potential exposure between teams as much as reasonably possible.

Series length will be determined prior to the start of the playoffs to allow for flexibility to adapt and for teams / league to have a better understanding of the COVID-19 situation closer to that time. Buffer time will be applied between each round during the Playoffs as has been implemented during the upcoming regular season.

Playoff Format
All Teams Make 2020-21 Playoffs
First Two Rounds Divisional Format
Seedings based on Divisional and Regular Season Standings (W%)
Playoffs Begin Friday, March 19th

Round 1 (Divisional Semi-Finals) – Friday, March 19th
#1 Seed vs #4 Seed
#2 Seed vs #3 Seed

Round 2 (Divisional Finals)
Winner of 1v4 VS Winner of 2vs3

Wild Card Play-In
Three Divisional Finalists
Seeding based on Regular Season Standings (W%)

Wild Card Game 1
#2 seed vs #3 seed
One game – Winner moves on – Game is played at Home arena of #2 seed

Wild Card Game 2
Winner GAME 1 vs #1 seed
One game – Winner moves on to MJHL Semi-Finals (Round 3) – Game is played at Home arena of #1 seed

MJHL Semi-Finals (Round 3)
Matchups based on Regular Season Standings (W%)
#1 Seed vs Wild Card (If Wild Card is from same division as #1 seed, then #1 would play #3 Seed and #2 Seed would play Wild Card)
#2 vs #3 Seed