MJHL Bantam Draft June 4

Winnipeg will host this year’s annual Bantam Draft which will take place June 4.

The draft will begin at 9 a.m., and fans can follow the action by utilizing the RinkNet Live Draft Centre tool. This was made possible by a partnership between the MJHL and Hockey Tech.

“The annual Draft for the league is always a special event in that it propels teams forward when they select young players who will develop into stars on their MJHL clubs,” MJHL Commissioner Kim Davis said. “The draft is also the final major event in the league’s annual calendar so it’s a great way to wrap up the season.”

The draft is for players born in 2002.

About RinkNet

RinkNet’s Live Draft Centre provides a complete solution for leagues and teams to efficiently manage their draft day preparation and execution.  This live software is displayed on terminals for each member team and enables  drafts to be conducted either in-person or remotely through team inputs and league/commissioner approval.  These confirmed draft picks are then made available online to the public in real-time.

“RinkNet is truly a one-stop tool for teams and leagues to prepare for and conduct an efficient draft,” said Jim Price, COO of HockeyTech.  “RinkNet’s authority is in its ability not only to compile information for team draft preparation, but to be able to share this information in real-time within league environments and with the fans and media.”

Teams can input, update, and share scouting information amongst themselves all year-long on the RinkNet system as they prepare for the draft.  As players come off the board, these systems are automatically updated to reflect the current available player list.  RinkNet ensures ahead of draft day that all players on a team’s draft board meet eligibility requirements  and that no player is mistakenly “drafted twice.”

Following the draft, RinkNet will continue to maintain a Draft Centre website so that media, fans, and scouts from hockey organizations inside and outside of the league can reference the results at any time.

Fans and supporters should re-visit the MJHL website for more information as the Draft day draws near.