MJHL Playoff Preview | Flyers vs Blues

(3) Winnipeg Blues vs Winkler Flyers (2)

Season Series: 4-3 Winnipeg Blues – Winkler Flyers 3-3-1

Oct. 29th – 4-1 Blues win

Oct. 30th – 4-3 Blues win

Nov. 5th – 4-1 Flyers win

Nov. 6th – 3-2 Blues win

Feb. 15th – 4-3 Blues OT win

Mar. 4th – 4-1 Flyers win

Mar. 5th – 7-2 Flyers win

Mar. 9th – 3-2 Flyers win

Goalie records


Dawson Green: 3-4

Dawson Cowan: 1-0


Dylan Meilun: 2-2-1

Malachi Klassen: 2-1

Flyers Stats

PP – 9/27

PK – 37/44

Top Scorers:

Justin Svenson – 82 points in 54 games

Jayden McCarthy – 66 points in 48 games

Trent Sambrook – 58 points in 49 games

Potential Underrated Hero

Forward Jackson Arpin

Blues Stats

PP – 7/44

PK – 18/27

Top Scorers:

Josiah Vanderhooft – 66 points in 44 games

Eric Fawkes – 62 points in 48 games

Brayden Foreman – 58 points in 37 games

Potential Underrated Hero

Forward Sean Williams

Series Thoughts:

Winkler and Winnipeg should be a great series. Both teams have some serious star power as they boast some of the best weapons in the league. Goaltending is another area where both teams can feel confident. Defensively, the challenge will be keeping the two high scoring offenses in check.

The big question will be injuries.

Winnipeg has been bitten by the injury bug in a big way, losing a pair of the best forwards in the league while the Flyers have their own issues to deal with, having one of the top defenders on the mend however, he did get into a couple games and looked like his old, highly skilled self.

Which team can prove they have the depth to withstand possibly being short, maybe just enough of an edge to win the series?

A positive for the Flyers is they outshot Winnipeg in every game they played in the regular season. With shots comes chances and with chances usually comes goals.

A positive for Blues is they don’t care about shots against, they care about goals for and they are pretty good at scoring in transition.

If both teams are at full health, it’ll be a high octane, entertaining series. If injuries keep the biggest guns from dressing or having an impact, it’ll not only be disappointing but it could be the reason why a great series doesn’t live up to the hype or doesn’t last as long as it should.