MJHL Power Rankings | Week 19 2021-22

(+1) 1st – Winkler Flyers
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 24-13-1-1
Impressive Player: Forward Troy Hamilton – 5 assists
The Flyers are playing really solid hockey at the perfect time as they start to ramp it up towards March. Solid depth up front, good defence and solid goaltending, the Flyers look primed and ready to roll. They know what they need to do to be successful, now it’s about doing it consistently.
Up Next: Friday @ Steelers, Sunday @ Pistons

(+2) 2nd – Dauphin Kings
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 28-10-1
Impressive Player: Forward Luke Morris – 2 goals
It doesn’t get much more complete than what the Kings have done recently. Goals against are way down while goals-for are steady. The big guns continue to lead the way but everyone in the lineup has bought into their role and that makes them a very dangerous team.
Up Next: Thursday @ OCN, Saturday vs OCN

(+2) 3rd – Winnipeg Blues
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 25-13-0-2
Impressive Player: Forward Michael Tanchak – 2 goals, 2 assists
Despite a bit of a scare in their last game, it was more typical Blues style hockey as they stretched their winning streak to four games. Proving they can dig in and win tightly contested games will obviously be key as things tighten up down the stretch.
Up Next: Saturday @ Freeze

(-1) 4th – Steinbach Pistons
This Week: 1-1-1
Overall: 28-9-2-1
Impressive Player: Forward Dawson Milliken – 2 goals, 1 assist
Coming off a tough weekend, the Pistons bounced back with a solid win over another top team in the league. Getting confidence after seeing production from up and down the lineup is huge for the team going forward as space becomes limited and little things become amplified heading towards playoffs.
Up Next: Friday @ Freeze, Sunday vs Flyers

(+2) 5th – Waywayseecappo Wolverines
This Week: 1-2
Overall: 26-11-2
Impressive Player: Forward Kolten Shindle – 2 goals, 2 assitss
Scoring 7 goals in one game only to follow it up with 4 goals over two games is not typical Wolverines hockey. Some tough tests await but Waywayseecappo has never backed down from a challenge and don’t expect they will now.
Up Next: Friday vs Stampeders

(+2) 6th – Selkirk Steelers
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 18-16-4-2
Impressive Player: Forward Lucas Brennan – 2 goals
A massive pair of wins for a team looking to punch their ticket to the post-season. While nothing is assured of being still early February, the four points taken over the team chasing them cannot be understated. Giving two points back wasn’t in the plan but it could have been closer. The Steelers hold their own fate and they’ve earned that right.
Up Next: Friday vs Flyers, Saturday @ Portage

(+2) 7th – Virden Oil Capitals
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 18-17-3
Impressive Player: Forward Dylan Halliday – 2 goals, 2 assists
The Oil Caps did exactly what they hoped to do. Beating the team closest to you is always good but doing it how they did is perhaps most encouraging. From offensive statement to tight checking, figure out a way to get it done style, the Oil Caps showed they can do it all.
Up Next: Friday vs Neepawa, Saturday @ Neepawa

(-2) 8th – Swan Valley Stampeders
This Week: 1-2
Overall: 19-19-1-3
Impressive Player: Defenceman Ethan Matchim – 1 goal, 2 assists
A bit of a speed wobble for the Stamps who bounced back nicely and proved they can compete with the top tier teams in the league. The Stamps have the least number of games remaining, which means they may need a little luck to stay in third place. However, they’ve shown they play a hard enough game to not need very much luck.
Up Next: Friday @ Wolverines

(-2) 9th – Neepawa Titans
This Week: 0-1-0-1
Overall: 15-18-2-5
Impressive Player: Defenceman Austin Clyne – 1 goal
While not out of it yet, the Titans have put themselves behind the 8-ball recently. The good news is, they’ll have a real chance to claw their way back into the playoff conversation. There’s a mix between games they should win and games they could steal. If it goes their way, it will keep them right there for fourth place.
Up Next: Friday @ Oil Caps, Saturday vs Oil Caps

(-) 10th- Portage Terriers
This Week: 0-0-2
Overall: 15-19-4-1
Impressive Player: Forward Brandon Funk – 2 goals, 1 assist
Not a disastrous stretch for the Terriers. While they would have wanted better out of their set vs Selkirk, they are still in the hang-around position. Coughing up some points will sting but there’s a chance to make up some ground over the next couple weeks and force the Steelers to keep playing well, or else.
Up Next: Saturday vs Steelers

(+1) 11th – OCN Blizzard
This Week: 0-2
Overall: 12-22-1-4
Impressive Player: Forward Kayden Sutherland – 2 goals
There’s no question the Blizzard have a tough road ahead if they want to make the post season. With four games this week, maybe a four game win streak changes that. If not then from here on out it will be about development and building culture towards next year.
Up Next: Thursday vs Kings, Saturday @ Kings

(-1) 12th – Winnipeg Freeze
This Week: 0-2
Overall: 8-27-2
Impressive Player: Forward Derrick Lange – 2 assists
With a young team like the Freeze, all you can ask for is to compete and fight, regardless of results. Eventually the wins will come. For now, it’s about as being a pesky, hard to play against team that doesn’t roll over. The latest effort against the Blues shows they have the ability to push any team.
Up Next: Friday vs Pistons, Saturday vs Blues