MJHL Power Rankings | Week 9 2021-22

(+1) 1st – Dauphin Kings
This week: 2-0
Overall: 14-4
Impressive Player: Forward Nick Braun – 1 goal, 1 assist
The Kings have cemented themselves as a top contender in the MJHL. They continue to get scoring from all over their lineup. Putting points in the bank regularly is going to keep them atop the standings and keep fans entertained. The ultimate win-win.
Up next: Nov 19th @ Stampeders, Nov 20th vs Stampeders

(+1) 2nd – Winnipeg Blues
This week: 2-0
Overall: 14-4
Impressive Player: Forward Jaden Ostrowski – 2 goals
Mission accomplished for the Blues who took 4 out of 4 points in a weekend series vs Steinbach. They wanted to claw closer to top spot, which they did. They wanted to prove they are a top team against another top team, which they did. They wanted to be right there with a chance to take top spot before the Showcase, which they do. Successful weekend to say the least.
Up next: Nov 19th vs Pistons, Nov 20th @ Pistons

(+1) 3rd – Waywayseecappo Wolverines
This week: 1-0-1
Overall: 12-4-2
Impressive Player: Forward Loggan Wotton – 2 goals
A solid response after losing in overtime the night before, shows the Wolverines are primed to challenge for the division and the league. No team wins every game but it’s how you respond to a tough loss and Wayway showed they can respond with the best. A bit of a wake-up call may start the Wolverines on a tidy run here.
Up next: Nov 19th @ Titans, Nov 20th vs Titans

(-3) 4th – Steinbach Pistons
This week: 0-1-1
Overall: 14-3-1
Impressive player: Forward Jack Rogers – 2 goals, 2 assists
Not a great weekend for the league leaders as they had a chance to put some distance between themselves and their closest division rivals but instead, let them get closer. There are areas Steinbach will need to improve but they have the type of talent where they can go off at any time – in a single game or for a long stretch of games.
Up next: Nov 19th @ Blues, Nov 20th vs Blues

(+1) 5 – Selkirk Steelers
This week: 1-1
Overall: 9-8-0-1
Impressive player: Forward Tyson Smith – 1 goal, 4 assists
Selkirk has established themselves as a team that no one wants to play on any given night, let alone come playoff time. The Steelers are hardworking, scrappy, annoying and a pain in the butt to play against. They’re right there for 3rd place and will look to take the big step into the top 3 before the Showcase starting with a rare Wednesday night game on the road.
Up next: Nov 17th @ Flyers, Nov 20th vs Flyers

(-1) 6 – Winkler Flyers
This week: 1-1
Overall: 10-7-0-1
Impressive player: Josh Beauchemin – 2 goals, 1 assist
Winning the first game on the weekend, Winkler couldn’t take advantage and grab all four points. They are never out of a game and have some big-time scorers that can really step up. It’s the middle guys that are making a big impact right now and if both the top guys and the middle guys are going at the same time, look out.
Up next: Nov 17th vs Steelers, Nov 20th @ Steelers

(+1) 7 – Neepawa Titans
This week: 1-1
Overall: 6-9-1-2
Impressive player: Forward Brayden Machalchuk – 1 goal, 1 assist
Neepawa is the MJHL equivalent of that old poster of the kitten on a wire, just hanging around. Never going away, no matter what teams throw at them. They don’t give up points easy and will out work their opponent to take a few themselves. If they find consistency, they’ll be even scarier.
Up next: Nov 19th vs Wolverines, Nov 20th @ Wolverines

(-1) 8th – Virden Oil Capitals
This week: 1-1
Overall: 8-9-1
Impressive player: Forward Evan Groening – 1 goal, 1 assist
A solid bounce back win after losing to OCN on the Friday should have Virden feeling good as they head out for a pair on the road. Getting some offence from up and down the lineup will also help. They have some of the top talent in the league and if they get going every game, they’ll be a very hard team to stop. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they play teams not in their own division.
Up next: Nov 18th @ Blizzard, Nov 19th @ Blizzard

(-) 9th – OCN Blizzard
This week: 1-1
Overall: 7-10-0-1
Impressive player: Defenseman Raj Gil – 2 goals
Poised and ready to strike with a pair of home games on the way. The Blizzard won’t stay down for long. They believe in themselves and fight hard every game. They have to be thinking big with the Oil Caps in town for a pair of games. If they can take 3 or even 4 points, it’ll be a big leap in the standings but an even biggest boost to the confidence.
Up next: Nov 19th vs Oil Capitals, Nov 20th vs Oil Capitals

(+2) 10th – Winnipeg Freeze
This week: 1-0-1
Overall: 3-13-2
Impressive player: Defenseman Matthew Yakubowski – 1 goal, 2 assists
While people may only look at their record, the Freeze look at how much they’ve grown this year and it’s a massive amount. They battle, they work and they believe they are in every game they play. Doesn’t matter if they go down two or three, they work to get it back. They won’t get pushed around and teams have to earn what they get. A big step in the right direction for this franchise with eyes on not finishing last in the league.
Up next: Nov 17th @ Portage, Nov 20th vs Portage

(-) 11th – Portage Terriers
This week: 1-1
Overall: 4-12-1-1
Impressive player: Forward Daniel Siso – 2 goals
A young team continuing to grow and find its way, Portage needs to find different guys each and every night to step up if they want to compete. They do have a roster full of guys who can do it and if they all get on the same page, like they’ve shown, they can be a very hard team to handle. The key is doing it every night.
Up next: Nov 17th vs Freeze, Nov 20th @ Freeze

(-2) 12th – Swan Valley Stampeders
This week: 0-1-1
Overall: 7-9-0-2
Impressive player: Forward Justin Keck – 1 goal
Swan’s been in tough the last little while, despite where they are in the standings. Don’t expect them to be in the lower-half of the power rankings for long, though. While it may only be a slight stumble, the Stamps can get up and go with the best of them. Heading into the Showcase, they’ll need to really grind out some points and take some positives into the next few weeks against teams outside the division.
Up next: Nov 19th vs Dauphin, Nov 20th @ Dauphin