MJHL Season Preview | Selkirk Steelers

Story by Dave Anthony

Players have made their way to town, exhibition games are nearing completion and coaches are optimistic with sights set high, it’s time to start the new season!

We asked each head coach a number of questions as they prepare for the season and here’s what they had to say!

Selkirk Steelers – 2020/21 (3-5-0-0)

Leading scorers: Adam Ingram (2g, 5ast for 7 pts), Ryan Osterman (3g, 3ast for 6pts)

Key graduating players: Thomas Colter

Season outlook: Selkirk is in a pretty interesting situation. Looking at their roster from the 2020/21 season, there is the possibility of a lot of returning players that could be really, really good. How many are able to take a step will be interesting to watch. The Steelers can be that team that seems to have the number of a couple of opponents and given how much division play will matter, if they can stick it to a few teams, they can be right there in the conversation of someone you don’t want to see in round one of the playoffs.

Q & A with Steelers Head Coach & General Manager, Hudson Friesen

Question: Which team are you most looking forward to developing/continuing a rivalry with?
Answer:  The way things are set up with heavy division play I think we will see strong rivalries forming against all 5 teams. I’m looking forward to the intensity we will see as we see these teams 8 times a piece.

Q: What kind of team can fans expect?
A: Fans can expect the Steelers to play a fast and physical brand of hockey this season. Our goal is to bring a high work ethic and compete level to the rink every day.

Q: Which returning player should fans be really excited to see?
A: There are many returning players that fans should be excited about. Ryan Ostermann, Tristan Thompson and Eric Krywy are all entering their final seasons of junior hockey and will be exciting to watch.

Q: Is there a new player that fans will come to love?
A: (No answer submitted)

Q: What are you most looking forward to about this upcoming season?
A: I’m very much looking forward to getting back to work with our players and to continue to work with them on their development. It will also be exciting to have fans back in the building and to reconnect with the community.

Q: Which visiting arena are you most looking forward to playing in again?
A: I’m looking forward to playing at Stride Place in Portage

Q: On the road, which restaurant are you most looking forward to eating at for pre or post game meal?
A: Westwood Inn at Swan River always treats us great.

Q: What movie do you hope the team puts on for a long bus ride home after a big win?
A: Any movie is good after a win, a good comedy with Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell is always good for a laugh.

Q: Do you have your first game suit all picked out already? What color will it be? What color is the tie? Shoes?
A: I’ll probably be going with the classic black suit and shoes and a white shirt for opening night.