MJHL teams raise over $12k for Ride Inside

Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) teams stepped up to raise over $12,000 for this years Manitoba CancerCare Foundation Ride Inside.

All funds raised in the Ride Inside stay in Manitoba to make a difference for kids with cancer, including those facing some of the most difficult to treat cancers.

This includes supporting PROFYLE at CancerCare Manitoba. Short for PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE, this initiative gives children, adolescents and young adults who are out of conventional treatment options another chance to beat their cancer.

According to CancerCare Manitoba pediatric oncologist, Dr. Geoff Cuvelier, PROFYLE “is going to be the most important initiative in pediatric cancer in the next five years.” Your support of Ride Inside is going to ensure progress continues.

PROFYLE is a pan-Canadian project which CancerCare Manitoba and the Foundation are part of. It focuses on providing personalized care for children, adolescents and young adults up to age 29. It offers patients who haven’t had a positive outcome with traditional cancer treatment other options.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has committed to raising $1 million over five years in support of CancerCare Manitoba’s participation in PROFYLE. During this years fundraiser, Manitobans teamed up to raise $252,622, with all funds raised at this year’s Ride Inside going toward this $1M commitment.