Oil Capitals’ Marketing Manager to join True North staff

Virden Oil Capitals Marketing Manager, Lindsey Gullett, will be relocating to Winnipeg this offseason to fill the role of Game Night Producer for the return of the Manitoba Moose with True North Sports & Entertainment.

Gullett has served as the Marketing Manager for the Oil Caps organization for the past two seasons where fans have been grown accustom to his game night experience in Virden along with other promotions such as the Castle/Longshot T-shirt Cannon, Virden Subway Trivia, and annual Christmas music video that flooded the internet the last two holiday seasons.

“It’s bittersweet for me,” stated Gullett. “The ownership group here gave me the opportunity to get started in the sports marketing field and the great fan support allowed me to run with different ideas.” Gullett continued, “At the same time, the opportunity to join the Moose was too great to pass up and it just creates more opportunity down the road for myself and my wife.”

The Oil Caps are entering their fourth season in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League and President, Dale Lewis, admits that they’ve been spoiled the last couple of seasons. “We knew the day might some day come where Lindsey was going to leave us. He’s very creative and everyone sees what he does on a nightly basis. We will need to start the process immediately to see if we can find another Lindsey Gullett out there.”

The hiring process for another Marketing Manager will happen quickly. Gullett’s first day with the returning American Hockey League club will be on July 20, leaving little time for cross over in the position.

“A job description will be posted on our website and the CJHL website this week and we will go from there,” explained Lewis on filling the position. “There will be a lot to learn for the new person and we look forward to getting them involved right away.”

The Oil Capitals would like to thank Lindsey for his time with the organization and wish him all the best in his career at the professional level.