Q & A with Chance Thomas: Dauphin Kings

Q: Your first name isn’t a common one. How did your parents come to choose your name?

A: Not really much of a crazy story to it. My parents just decided they wanted something unique, so that’s how they picked it.

Q: Favourite NHL team?

A: Detroit Red Wings

Q: Favourite NHL player?

A: Pavel Datsyuk

Q: Any superstitions? If so……how about listing a few?

A: Put my equipment on my left side first. No one touches stick before the game once taped. First player on the ice for warm ups.

Q: Best thing about being a Dauphin King?

A: The boys, an unreal group of guys.

Q: Who’s the greatest player? Gretzky or Lemieux? Or Bobby Orr?

A: I’d have to say Lemieux or Jagr, the things they could do with the puck were incredible.

Q: Future greatest player? Sid The Kid? Nathan McKinnon? Connor McDavid?

A: I think Sidney Crosby will still be the best.

Q: Favourite songs on your IPod?

A: Out of town by Eminem and Don’t by Ed Sheeran

Q: Favourite pre-game meal?

A: Spaghetti and meat sauce

Q: Excluding Dauphin, favourite rink to play in?

A: Virden because it’s a really bright rink and a solid fan base.

Q: You a back of the bus kind of guy? Middle?

A: I sit about 4 rows from the back.

Q: If they made a “Chance Thomas” movie….would it be action/adventure? Comedy? Romantic? Mystery?

A: Romantic

Q: If they ever made a “Chance Thomas” movie……which actor would play you?

A: Dave Franco

Q: Who would be the leading lady in your movie?

A: Blake Lively

Q: Last movie you went to?

A: Horrible Bosses 2

Q: If not playing hockey, what would you likely be doing?

A: Playing golf

Q: Ron MacLean…..miss him as NHIC host?

A: Yes, he knows a great deal about the game and was fun to listen to while I was growing up.

Q: Top 3 things on your bucket list?

A: Travel the world … Go to an NFL game… Move somewhere hot

Q: Other than hockey, any other favourite sports?

A:  Golf and basketball

Q: When your hockey career is over, what are your career aspirations?

A: Something with either business or criminal law.

Q: Best verbal jab aimed at you? (No profanity, please.)

A: “You’re a bag of sea shells” and “You’re washed up.”

Q: Best jokester on the Kings?

A: Mathieu Lapointe

Q: Best dresser on the Kings, excluding yourself?

A: My roommate  Dylan Bredahl.

Q: Biggest influence in your hockey career?

A: My father, by far my biggest influence since day one.

Q: Your most memorable game?

A: First junior A game as a call up playing in my hometown from when I was a kid.