Q & A with Logan Harland, OCN Blizzard

Logan Harland, 20, of the OCN Blizzard is having an excellent season to date. He hails from Frenchman Butte, Sk, via Saskatoon. He kindly took a few minutes to tell us a little bit about himself.

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Q: Who had the biggest influence on you as a person?

A: My parents


Q: Where is Frenchman Butte?

A: An hour NorthEast of Lloydminster


Q: Other than Logan Harland, who is the second most famous person from Frenchman Butte?

A: John Rogers played for the Edmonton Oilers and the Minnesota North Stars.


Q: Tell us one thing that fans wouldn’t know about you?

A: Terrified of the Dentist


Q: Favourite meal?

A: My grandma’s home-made stew


Q: Last movie you watched?

A: Goon


Q: Favourite NHL player?

A: Jonathan Toews


Q: Favourite NHL team?

A: Anaheim Ducks


Q: How do you pass the time on the bus?

A: Play games on my iPhone or sleep


Q: Best-dressed player on the Blizzard?

A: Devin Muir


Q: Any one special hockey moment stick out the most?

A: Being a part of the Memorial Cup


Q: If you could pick anyone, who would you like to have lunch with?

A: Devin Muir


Q: Other than OCN, which MJHL rink is rockin’ with atmosphere?

A: Winkler wasn’t too bad


Q: Any superstitions?

A: I don’t have any


Q: Which actor would play you in the “Logan Harland” movie?

A: Leonardo


Q: Favourite actress?

A: Gabriella Wilde


Q: Other than hockey, any hobbies?

A: Longboarding, dirt biking, badminton, Netflix


Q: On a musical level – Country music? Rock? Easy listening? Rap?

A: Jake Owen all day!


Q: Favourite non-hockey athlete?

A: Mike Tyson


Q: Plans when your junior hockey career is over?

A: Guess, I’ll decide that when the time comes