Q & A with Pistons All-star Goaltender Thiessen

While the hockey season has come to an end for many of the Steinbach Pistons, for goaltender Matt Thiessen this summer will be an exciting time. The product of Altona was the top ranked North American CJHL goaltender by NHL Central Scouting.

Piston and MJHL fans will be watching the upcoming NHL Draft to follow the fortunes of Matt, who very kindly agreed to do this Q &A so we could all get to know him a bit better.

Q: Biggest influence in your hockey career?
A: My father

Q: Favourite NHL team?
A: Toronto Maple Leafs

Q: Favourite NHL player?
A: John Gibson

Q: If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
A: Golfing, fishing and traveling

Q: Any superstitions?
A: No

Q: Best dressed Piston?
A: Drew Worrad

Q: Best jokester on the Pistons?
A: Daniel McKitrick

Q: How emotional was it when the Pistons stopped at the Humboldt crash scene?
A: It was very emotional to say the least, it was mind blowing to know that is where one of the biggest hockey tragedies had happened. It was also very good for our team to pay our respects and play for the ones who have lost there lives.

Q: In the aftermath of the Humboldt tragedy, do you and your teammates talk about bus safety?
A: After the crash happened we didn’t really talk about bus safety at all, buses are the safest mode of transportation for hockey teams because everyone is traveling together, all of us on the team have been on buses many times and trust the safety of the bus driver as well as the bus itself. At the same time you have thoughts in the back of your head any time your traveling in a car, bus or plane that anything can happen.

Q: Favourite music?
A: Country

Q: Tell us one thing no one would know about you?
A: I was in a the high school musical play at my school in Grade 10.

Q: Other than winning the ANAVET Cup, what is your most memorable moment as a Piston?
A: Traveling together and being together on road trips, that’s one of the best things about hockey because you get to see other sides of players and learn new things about them everyday.

Q: You’ve committed to University of Maine. Can you name one or two “famous” alumni?
A: Ben Bishop and Paul Kariya

Q: Favourite meal?
A: Farmer sausage burgers

Q: Not including yourself, who is the second most famous hockey player to come from Altona?
A: Cole Kehler, he recently sighed with the LA Kings.

Q: You were the top ranked CJHL goaltender by NHL Centre Scouting. What does that mean to you?
A: It is quite the honour to be recognized by the best hockey league in the world. At the same time I don’t like to think about it very much or worry about it. Our focus was on the RBC Cup.

Q: If they made the “Matthew Thiessen” movie, which actor would play you?
A: Adam Sandler

Q: If you had your choice, who would be the leading lady?
A: My girlfriend

Q: How special is it to play in Steinbach: not far from your hometown?
A: It’s so cool. Both Altona and Steinbach are very similar towns, and it’s also nice that it is easy for me to go home when we have an off day. Also is easy because my parents and friends can come out to a lot of games.

Q: Other than Steinbach, loudest rink in the MJHL?
A: Winkler

Q: Favourite non-hockey athlete?
A: Rickie Fowler

Q: Favourite actress?
A: Rebel Wilson

Q: You a back of the bus guy? Or front?
A: Front. I’m a rookie so I get to sit way at the front.

Q: How do you pass the time on a long bus trip?
A: Listen to music, sleep and do homework

Q: Without using profanity, best chirp you’ve heard on the ice about you?
A: You’re going to need a lot of sunscreen after this game.

Q: How old were you when you became a goaltender? And why goal?
A: Around 5 was the first time I was put in net, I didn’t have any equipment on because I was living in northern Manitoba on a back yard skating rink. I was the youngest neighbor kid so I got put in net and I have been enjoying it ever since.

Q: RBC Cup: what did it mean to you to play on the national Junior A stage?
A: It means a lot, again it’s another huge honour to be representing Manitoba and Saskatchewan on a national stage. This is the best junior A players from across Canada and the competition has been really good. It’s an awesome experience that I know everyone will remember forever.