Q & A with Steelers’ Barley

Now in his fourth season with the Selkirk Steelers, Connor Barley continues to excel on the ice. Last year he scored 35 goals and he’s hoping to improve on that total this season.

Q: Biggest influence in your hockey career?
A: My dad. He’s always helped and pushed me to overcome obstacles and become the player that I am today.

Q: Favourite NHL team?
A: I’d have to go with the Boston Bruins

Q: Favourite NHL player?
A: Tyler Seguin

Q: If you weren’t playing hockey what would you be doing?
A: Finishing school or playing another sport.

Q: Any superstitions?
A: I have a few pre-game rituals but I wouldn’t call them superstitions.

Q: Best dressed Steeler?
A: Colby Dudek

Q: Favourite music?
A: Hip hop or dance music

Q: Tell us one thing no one would know about you?
A: I write something on my stick that has a secret meaning.

Q: Most memorable moment as a Steeler?
A: Getting my first hat trick last year would probably be my most memorable moment so far.

Q: You come from St. Andrews which is just down the highway from Selkirk. Describe your feelings being a Steeler?
A: I like to consider myself a hometown guy and it’s an honour to play for such an established organization. I always take pride in throwing on the jersey with the Steelers logo on it.

Q: Favourite meal?
A: Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken

Q: Who would play Connor Barley in the TV movie?
A: Corbin Bleu.

Q: If there’s a villain in your movie, who would play the villain role?
A: The clown from IT.

Q: How special is it to play for the Steelers, who have a long history in the MJHL?
A: Very special, the Selkirk Steelers have always been a top team in the league and we’re hoping that this year as a team we can make something special happen for our own.

Q: Speaking of Steeler history: Do you know who was the captain of the Steelers when they won the Centennial Cup back in 1974?
A: That would have to be a Google search for me, I have no clue. (Google said Ken Neufeld )

Q: Where are the wildest fans in the MJHL?
A: Steinbach. Hands down!

Q: Who would win a fight between Kanye West and Flo-Rida?
A: Flo-Rida. He’s got the size advantage.

Q: Favourite non-hockey athlete?
A: Conor McGregor.

Q: Favourite actress?
A: Jennifer Aniston. She’s amazing.

Q: You a back of the bus guy? Or front?
A: Back of the bus is where the fun happens.

Q: How do you pass the time on a long bus trip?
A: Usually try my best to sleep through it all or listen to some music.

Q: Without using profanity, best chirp you’ve heard on the ice about you?
A: When I had my long hair I usually got chirped a lot about that, a lot of people wanted to rip it out apparently.

Q: What are your plans when you finish Junior A hockey?
A: Continue playing hockey at a university.