Q & A with Tristan Keck, Winkler Flyers

Tristen Keck, last year’s MJHL MVP, is once again having an excellent season for the Winkler Flyers. The product of Morris shares his thoughts with the MJHL website. Enjoy the read. If you have a favourite player, who you would like to read their Q&A, contact us at: media@mjhlhockey.ca

Q: Who is your hockey inspiration, someone you model your game after?
A: I would say I model my game kinda after Phil Kessel, with his speed and shot and attack off the rush mentality.

Q: What’s something most MJHL fans wouldn’t know about you?
A: A lot of MJHL fans don’t know that I am a hardcore soccer fan. I watch every game I can and check the highlights and news everyday.

Q: Who is your favourite NHL player?
A: My favorite player would probably be Patrick Kane. Just because of his skill and the goals he scores is crazy.

Q: What is your favourite NHL team?
A: Toronto Maple Leafs.

Q: What is your favourite MJHL rink to play in besides Winkler?
A: Probably Virden.

Q: What helps you pass the time on long bus rides?
A:  I usually download a bunch of movies and watch those.

Q: Who is the best dressed player on the Winkler Flyers?
A: Besides me? Probably Cam Whyte.

Q: Who is your funniest teammate?
A: I’d say Jordan Williamson.

Q: What is your best hockey memory?
A: In high school hockey winning the league 3 years in a row.

Q: Which MJHL rink has the craziest fans?
A: Both Winkler and Steinbach.

Q: What is your favourite pre-game meal?
A: Spaghetti and Alfredo sauce.

Q: What is the best thing about playing for the Winkler Flyers?
A: All of it really. It’s a class organization from the fans to the club to the coaching, it’s great.

Q: Who is the toughest player to play against in the MJHL?
A: Tarek Paranica (Neepawa Natives)

Q: What is your pre-game pump-up song?
A: Steal My Girl – One Direction