Turnbull Trophy Undergoes Major Refurbishing

It’s been dropped on the ice, broken, dented, scuffed and scratched. It’s been soaked in champagne. And if kisses were dollars, the Turnbull Trophy would have earned millions over its history.

Yup, the Turnbull Trophy has seen its share of action over its 100 year history. Did we mention it went missing a few times, too? But when the Turnbull is presented to this year’s champion something will look a little different ─ it’s been completely restored. Cleaned up, ultra-shiny and dent free.

“Years of championship victories had taken their toll on the Turnbull,” MJHL Commissioner Kim Davis said. “We made the decision to have it completely refurbished and bring it back to life, so to speak.”

After extensive research about companies which restore prestigious and treasured trophies, the Turnbull was eventually shipped to a company in Cambridge, Ont., which specializes in trophy restoration. The Turnbull was given a complete make-over, from reinforcing the silver cup to the base, but also bringing back a luster to the MJHL’s cherished prize.

“The Turnbull looks fantastic and we’re very pleased with the refurbishing,” said Davis. “It’s good for another 100 years!”

Turnbull Memorial Trophy facts:

  • The Turnbull Trophy is named after Army Captain W.J. (Ollie) Turnbull, who was killed in active service during World War 1. The trophy had been donated by Turnbull’s teammates of the Winnipeg Winnipegs.
  • Both Portage Terriers and Selkirk Steelers have won the Turnbull 10 times each.
  • OCN Blizzard won the Turnbull five consecutive seasons (1999-2003)
  • Gone, but not forgotten: Kenora Thistles, Brandon Elks, Winnipeg Monarchs, St. Boniface Saints and St. James Canadians are but of few of the teams to have won the Turnbull.