Viterra MJHL Power Rankings | Week 3

(-) 1st – Steinbach Pistons
This week: 2-0
Overall: 7-0
Impressive Player: Defenseman Langley Kruggel – 2GP/1G/1A/2PTS
From low-scoring to high-scoring, the Pistons continue to show they can win in multiple ways. Led by the highest scoring line in the league and quality goaltending, a tough weekend test awaits.
Up Next: Oct. 7th @ Dauphin, Oct 9th vs Dauphin, Oct. 11th @ WPG Blues

(+3) 2nd – Waywayseecappo Wolverines
This week: 2-0
Overall: 3-0-2-1
Impressive Player: Goaltender Tresor Wotton – 2GP/ 59 saves on 64 shots/2 wins
The beat rolls on for the Wolverines who remain undefeated in regulation. Finding sustained effort and success now will help avoid a potential fade later in the year.
Up Next: Oct. 7th vs OCN, Oct. 8th @ Swan, Oct. 11th vs Neepawa

(+4) 3rd – Portage Terriers
This week: 4-0
Overall: 4-1
Impressive Player: Forward Slade Stanick – 4GP/2G/3A/5PTS
The hottest team in the MJHL right now and showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, they still have another gear to move into. Teams have been put on notice; the Terriers are here.
Up Next: Oct. 7th @ Neepawa, Oct. 8th vs WPG Blues

(+4) 4th – OCN Blizzard
This week: 2-0-0-1
Overall: 3-1
Impressive Player: Forward Alex Bernauer – 3GP/0G/4A/4PTS
A tough stretch of road games is showing the Blizzard for what they really are and that’s a legit threat in the West. Surely looking forward to playing teams other than the Titans.
Up Next: Oct. 7th @ Waywayseecappo, Oct. 8th @ Virden, Oct. 11th vs Swan Valley

(+1) 5th – Neepawa Titans
This week: 1-1-1
Overall: 3-3-3
Impressive Player: Forward Dillon Birch – 2GP/2G/0A/2PTS
One step forward, one step back, one step sideways. Not the ideal dance for the Titans but they are keeping pace and forging a winning identity at the same time.
Up Next: Oct. 7th vs Portage, Oct. 9th @ WPG Blues, Oct. 11th @ Waywayseecappo

(-4) 6th – Virden Oil Capitals
This week: 0-2
Overall: 4-2
Impressive Player: Forward Josh Lehto – 2GP/3G/0A/3PTS
Good teams stumble. Really good teams stop a slide before it gets out of hand. A couple of home games may be just what they need to get back in the win column.
Up Next: Oct. 7th vs Swan Valley, Oct. 8th vs OCN, Oct. 12th @ Winkler

(-3) 7th – Winnipeg Blues
This week: 1-2
Overall: 4-3
Impressive Player: Defenseman Matthew McLeod – 3GP/1G/4A/5PTS
Scoring keeps up but goals against have been an issue of late. With some stiff tests upcoming, the Blues will need to put focus on keeping pucks out of their net without sacrificing their own offence.
Up Next: Oct. 8th @ Portage, Oct. 9th vs Neepawa, Oct. 11th vs Steinbach

(-5) 8th – Winkler Flyers
This week: 0-2-0-1
Overall: 4-3-0-1
Impressive Player: Forward Zach Nicolas – 3GP/1G/1A/2PTS
Led by some dynamic rookies, the Flyers remain in the upper tier in the East. Leading the MJHL in penalty minutes through the first few weeks.
Up Next: Oct. 5th vs Selkirk, Oct. 8th @ Selkirk, Oct. 12th vs Virden

(-) 9th – Swan Valley Stampeders
This week: 1-1
Overall: 3-3-1
Impressive Player: Forward Justin Keck – 2GP/2G/2A/4PTS
They showed they have the scoring punch and can bounce back after a tough loss. Never cheated for effort and that will keep them in the conversation in a tightly packed division.
Up Next: Oct. 8th vs Waywayseecappo, Oct. 11th @ OCN

(-) 10th – Dauphin Kings
This week: 1-1
Overall: 2-3-1
Impressive Player: Forward Mathew Gough – 2GP/2G/2A/4PTS
A high scoring pair of games is more what the Kings are used to. Giving up the same number of goals in those games is not. For now, they’ll take their weapons building confidence with the puck.
Up Next: Oct. 7th vs Steinbach, Oct. 9th @ Steinbach,

(+2) 11th – Niverville Nighthawks
This week: 1-0
Overall: 2-4
Impressive Player: Forward Cody Gunderson – 1GP/3G/1A/4PTS
It’s tough to build momentum after a big win when it’s followed up by a lengthy break. Adding talent to the roster is one way of keeping the excitement level high.
Up Next: Oct 7th vs WPG Freeze, Oct. 9th @ WPG Freeze

(-1) 12th – Winnipeg Freeze
This week: 0-1
Overall: 1-4
Impressive Player: Forward Eric Mork – 1GP/0G/1A/1PT
A hard-working group that will find success by committee. Also, not afraid to back down from physical challenges. Like many teams, finding a way to earn respect and eventually results.
Up Next: Oct. 7th @ Niverville, Oct. 9th vs Niverville

(-1) 13th – Selkirk Steelers
This week: 0-2
Overall: 0-4-1-1
Impressive Player: Forward Joel Purdom – 2GP/2G/0A/2PTS
Not a lot of positives right now for the Steelers other than to say it’s early and if they can get that dynamic offence going, can make up ground quickly.
Up Next: Oct. 5th @ Winkler, Oct. 8th vs Winkler