Keep Tabs on your Favourite MJHL Teams and Players with Hockey TV

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League is pleased to announce its extended relationship with HockeyTV to provide fans with greater access than ever before to every game played by our 11 member teams.

Formerly known as FASTHockey, HockeyTV will provide viewers with live streaming for all 11 teams’ broadcasts. In addition, the games will be stored as part of the world’s biggest library of amateur hockey. For current FASTHockey subscribers, it’s a snap—sign in with your FASTHockey login credentials and you’ll be brought to the new HockeyTV platform. Fans will be charged a regular, reasonable monthly fee to watch as many games as they wish.

Additionally, HockeyTV will select a FREE “Game of the Week” for everyone to try their live streaming service, all while enjoying the action from their favourite teams. A complete listing, from every league, is available using the ‘Games of the Week’ menu option at left upon signing in.

“Our partnership with HockeyTech, and their streaming service HockeyTV, is a tremendous benefit for MJHL fans and players alike,” said Kevin Saurette, the MJHL’s Director of Operations. “HockeyTV allows our supporters to watch all 11 teams play on any given night; at the same time, each of our teams can showcase our players to scouts, recruiters and coaches across the globe.”

You can follow HockeyTV on Twitter (@MyHockeyTV, ) and Facebook. Upon signing in, users can find their favourite MJHL games through HockeyTV’s SEARCH function. They can also skip back to their favourite plays over and over again with the site’s intuitive, DVR-like controls; and can “clip and save” the best action for future enjoyment.

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