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The Manitoba Junior Hockey League has a rich tradition and the League members work hard every year to keep building upon its successes. The MJHL is the oldest Junior A League in Canada. The first year of operation was the 1918 – 1919 season. That year there were nine teams in two divisions. The teams included the Winnipeg Pilgrims, Elmwood, Grand Trunk Pacific, Winnipeg Tigers, Young Men’s Lutheran Club, Winnipeg Argonauts, Selkirk Fishermen, Weston and Winnipeg Monarchs. The first season consisted of each team playing six games. The MJHL membership has fluctuated over the years with as few as four teams as its lowest level of membership.

As of the 2009 – 2010 season there are eleven (11) member teams in the MJHL and the league has enjoyed great success over the past several years. The theme of the past three MJHL seasons has been “parity”. The League championship has been up for grabs each of the past three seasons with as many as six teams having a legitimate chance of winning. The League has developed into a tough, competitively balanced league. This has created some tremendous playoff series to the delight of the MJHL’s loyal fans.

The mission statement of the MJHL is “To provide each player with an elite hockey development experience with a strong emphasis on education and citizenship.” The MJHL provides wonderful opportunities for young men who are interested in developing as hockey players while pursuing educational and hockey dreams. The MJHL develops players for advancement to higher levels of hockey. When a player decides to play for a MJHL team he will be joining an impressive group of young men who have played in the League and gone on to greatness in the NHL and in other careers. Former MJHL players who have starred or are currently playing in the NHL include Bob Clarke, Reg Leach, Tyler Arnason, Mike Ridley, Duvie Westcott, Shane Hnidy and many many more.

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League has enjoyed many years of Junior A hockey. The champions of the League range from well-known names to lesser known ones from earlier eras. Please review the list of MJHL Champions that follows. Please also note that in 1939 a League champion was not crowned. For additional interest please review the top ten list of all time goal scorers in the MJHL.


Turnbull Memorial Trophy Winners

1919 Y.M.L.C. (Young Mens Lutheran Club)
1921 Winnipeg Falcons
1923 Varsity University of Manitoba
1925 Varsity University of Manitoba
1927 Elmwood Millionaires
1929 Elmwood Millionaires
1931 Elmwood Millionaires
1933 Brandon Native Sons
1935 Winnipeg Monarchs
1937 Winnipeg Monarchs
1940 Kenora Thistles
1942 Portage la Prairie Terriers
1944 St. James Canadians
1946 Winnipeg Monarchs
1948 Winnipeg Monarchs
1950 Brandon Wheat Kings
1952 Winnipeg Monarchs
1954 St. Boniface Canadiens
1956 St. Boniface Canadiens
1958 St. Boniface Canadiens
1960 Brandon Wheat Kings
1962 Brandon Wheat Kings
1964 Brandon Wheat Kings
1966 Winnipeg Rangers
1968 St. James Canadians
1970 Dauphin Kings
1972 Dauphin Kings
1974 Selkirk Steelers
1976 Selkirk Steelers
1978 Kildonan North Stars
1980 Selkirk Steelers
1982 Fort Garry Blues
1984 Selkirk Steelers
1986 Winnipeg South Blues
1988 Winnipeg South Blues
1990 Portage la Prairie Terriers
1992 Winkler Flyers
1994 St. Boniface Saints
1996 St. James Canadians
1998 Winkler Flyers
2000 OCN Blizzard
2002 OCN Blizzard
2004 Selkirk Steelers
2006 Winnipeg South Blues
2008 Portage Terriers
2010 Dauphin Kings
2012 Portage Terriers
2014 Winnipeg Blues
2016 Portage Terriers
2018 Steinbach Pistons

1920 Selkirk
1922 Varsity University of Manitoba
1924 Winnipeg Tammay Tigers
1926 Winnipeg Tammay Tigers
1928 Elmwood Millionaires
1930 Elmwood Millionaires
1932 Winnipeg Monarchs
1934 Kenora Thistles
1936 Elmwood Maple Leafs
1938 St. Boniface Seals
1941 Winnipeg Rangers
1943 Winnipeg Rangers
1945 Winnipeg Monarchs
1947 Brandon Elks
1949 Brandon Wheat Kings
1951 Winnipeg Monarchs
1953 St. Boniface Canadiens
1955 Winnipeg Monarchs
1957 Winnipeg Monarchs
1959 Winnipeg Braves
1961 Winnipeg Rangers
1963 Brandon Wheat Kings
1965 Brandon Braves
1967 Flin Flon Bombers
1969 Dauphin Kings
1971 St. Boniface Saints
1973 Portage la Prairie Terriers
1975 Selkirk Steelers
1977 Dauphin Kings
1979 Selkirk Steelers
1981 St. Boniface Saints
1983 Dauphin Kings
1985 Selkirk Steelers
1987 Selkirk Steelers
1989 Winnipeg South Blues
1991 Winkler Flyers
1993 Dauphin Kings
1995 Winnipeg South Blues
1997 St. James Canadians
1999 OCN Blizzard
2001 OCN Blizzard
2003 OCN Blizzard
2005 Portage Terriers
2007 Selkirk Steelers
2009 Portage Terriers
2011 Portage Terriers
2013 Steinbach Pistons
2015 Portage Terriers
2017 Portage Terriers
2019 Portage Terriers


1. Mike Ridley 91 St. Boniface Saints 1982-83

2. Brent Sapergia 77 Dauphin Kings 1982-83

3. Reg Spence 76 Southeast T. Birds 1989-90

4. Jim Misener 73 Dauphin Kings 1974-75

5. Kevin Green 72 Kildonan North Stars 1989-90

6. Bobby Clarke 71 Flin Flon Bombers 1966-67

7. Juha Widing 70 Brandon Wheat Kings 1966-67

8. Ken Krentz 68 Selkirk Steelers 1977-78

9. Reg Leach 67 Flin Flon Bombers 1966-67

10. Dale Maksymyk 66 Selkirk Steelers 1976-77