League Championship History

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) began in 1917-18 as the Winnipeg & District Junior Hockey League and was renamed in 1933 to the current name.

In the beginning the league was composed of two divisions, “A” and “B”, that would not play inter-locking schedules.  However, each division champion would meet in the league final.  The Selkirk Fishermen (A Divisions) defeated the Fort Rouge Wanderers (B Division) in the league’s first championship.

Astoundingly as one of the oldest trophies in junior hockey, across the world, the Turnbull Memorial Trophy has been coveted for over 100 years.  Donated in 1920 in honour of Capt. Walter James “Ollie” Turnbull, Canadian Army (Field Artillery 10th Bde.) veteran of World War I.  Turnbull was killed in active duty in 1916 and was awarded the Military Cross for Bravery.

The Selkirk Fishermen defeated the Winnipeg Young Mens Lutheran Club in February 1920 to earn the first Turnbull Trophy championship.  On several occasions until 1933, a rural or Independent challenger approved by MAHA (Hockey Manitoba) could compete against the league champion for the opportunity to win the Turnbull Trophy and advance to the Western Canada Memorial Cup playoffs. In 2019, the Portage Terriers became the 100th team awarded the Turnbull Trophy.

1918Selkirk Fishermen1953St. Boniface Canadiens1988Winnipeg South Blues
1919Young Men's Lutheran Club1954St. Boniface Canadiens1989Winnipeg South Blues
1920Selkirk Fishermen1955Winnipeg Monarchs1990Portage Terriers
1921Winnipeg Falcons1956St. Boniface Canadiens1991Winkler Flyers
1922University of Manitoba1957Winnipeg Monarchs1992Winkler Flyers
1923University of Manitoba1958St. Boniface Canadiens1993Dauphin Kings
1924Winnipeg Tammany Tigers1959Winnipeg Braves1994St. Boniface Saints
1925University of Manitoba1960Brandon Wheat Kings1995Winnipeg South Blues
1926Winnipeg Tammany Tigers1961Winnipeg Rangers1996St. James Canadians
1927Elmwood Millionaires1962Brandon Wheat Kings1997St. James Canadians
1928Elmwood Millionaires1963Brandon Wheat Kings1998Winkler Flyers
1929Elmwood Millionaires1964Brandon Wheat Kings1999OCN Blizzard
1930Elmwood Millionaires1965Winnipeg Braves2000OCN Blizzard
1931Elmwood Millionaires1966Winnipeg Rangers2001OCN Blizzard
1932Winnipeg Monarchs1967Flin Flon Bombers2002OCN Blizzard
1933Winnipegs1968St. James Canadians2003OCN Blizzard
1934Kenora Thistles1969Dauphin Kings2004Selkirk Steelers
1935Winnipeg Monarchs1970Dauphin Kings2005Portage Terriers
1936Elmwood Maple Leafs1971St. Boniface Saints2006Winnipeg South Blues
1937Winnipeg Monarchs1972Dauphin Kings2007Selkirk Steelers
1938St. Boniface Seals1973Portage Terriers2008Portage Terriers
1939Brandon Elks1974Selkirk Steelers2009Portage Terriers
1940Kenora Thistles1975Selkirk Steelers2010Dauphin Kings
1941Winnipeg Rangers1976Selkirk Steelers2011Portage Terriers
1942Portage Terriers1977Dauphin Kings2012Portage Terriers
1943Winnipeg Rangers1978Kildonan North Stars2013Steinbach Pistons
1944St. James Canadians1979Selkirk Steelers2014Winnipeg Blues
1945Winnipeg Monarchs1980Selkirk Steelers2015Portage Terriers
1946Winnipeg Monarchs1981St. Boniface Saints2016Portage Terriers
1947Brandon Elks1982Fort Garry Blues2017Portage Terriers
1948Winnipeg Monarchs1983Dauphin Kings2018Steinbach Pistons
1949Brandon Wheat Kings1984Selkirk Steelers2019Portage Terriers
1950Brandon Wheat Kings1985Selkirk Steelers2020Playoffs Cancelled
1951Winnipeg Monarchs1986Winnipeg South Blues2021Season Cancelled
1952Winnipeg Monarchs1987Selkirk Steelers2022Dauphin Kings