MJHL announces suspension

The MJHL has completed the review of the Gross Misconduct Penalty assessed to Dauphin Kings Klim Georgiev after the end of a game held between the Dauphin Kings and Waywayseecappo Wolverines in Dauphin on Feb 19th, 2022.

After a thorough review, and in consideration of the sincere input received from of all of the individuals and organizations involved, the following disciplinary action has been delivered:

Dauphin Kings Klim Georgiev has been suspended a minimum of eighteen games (11 regular season and 7 playoff games) subject to completion of the process of reconciliation committed to below as a result of his Gross Misconduct Penalty for discriminatory taunting under Hockey Canada rule 11.4.

The discriminatory taunting was a public display which consisted of a widely recognized racial gesture which was very hurtful to many persons who viewed it. The gesture was directed specifically to an indigenous player while he was skating away well after the final buzzer of the game.

This gesture was indicated that it was in retaliation to the action of the opposing player making a celebratory gesture earlier in the game after a goal. After thorough review of the video and in consultation with the on-ice officials, this factor was found to be without merit or justification. The opposing players’ celebratory action was a common hockey manner of celebration after a goal.

In any event or situation – hurtful retaliation is unacceptable.

This incident has been reviewed and deemed as conduct detrimental to the game of hockey and the MJHL.

Mr. Georgiev’s apology to the player and the Waywayseecappo Wolverines organization has been accepted and he has started his process of reconciliation which will include further anti-racism and cultural sensitivity training. We ask you please respect Mr. Georgiev’s privacy as he goes through this process. The Dauphin Kings organization have accepted this decision and have committed to working with Mr. Georgiev throughout this process. The Dauphin Kings have also committed to continuing their work with Wade Houle (Bright Sky Consulting) and Treaty 2 leadership in consultation with the Waywayseecappo Wolverines organization to address this incident and to further combat racism in hockey.

We sincerely appreciate and recognize the ongoing efforts of Mr. Wade Houle (Bright Sky Consulting) in delivering the on-going MJHL Anti-Racism and Cultural Sensitivity Training Education Program to all member teams, and for his significant additional consultation during this review and ensuing process.  Bright Sky Consulting works with a variety of businesses and organizations who seek Mr. Houle’s expertise in the implementation of their in-house anti-racism, discrimination and cultural sensitivity training.  Mr. Houle is an MJHL alumnus and is a member of the Ebb & Flow First Nation.

In conclusion, racial and discriminatory actions, gestures or behaviours, regardless of intent, will not be tolerated in the MJHL.  We appreciate and wish to acknowledge the input and cooperation by all parties involved throughout this review process.  We remain resolute in our pledge to further educating and advancing our commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive environment free of discrimination of any kind.