MJHL coaches share excitement for MJ-SJ Showcase

WINNIPEG, MB – With the 2024 MJHL-SJHL Showcase just days away in Winnipeg, each Head Coach from Team MJHL shared their thoughts on the event, what it means to the players and what it will be like to get into the competitive atmosphere.

Justin Falk – Winkler Flyers Head Coach & General Manager
Team MJHL 20U Red – Head Coach

“I’m looking forward to having a good portion of the top end talent of both respective leagues under the same roof for a three day period, it will be exciting for those that are taking part and able to attend. ┬áThe pace and skill level in the event will be high and I, along with the rest of the coaching staff, look forward to not only working with the players but bringing them tightly together in a short period of time, with the common goal of winning.”

“It’s going to be a highly competitive environment where the ice time and opportunity throughout each game is earned by the players. Our MJHL staff is going with an aggressive mindset to win and we are excited for the opportunity these players have in front of them.”

Paul Dyck – Steinbach Pistons Head Coach & General Manager
Team MJHL 20U Black – Head Coach

“This is one of the highlights of the year for our league and its players. When you bring top players from each league you naturally see an elevated pace and combined with the skill of the players it makes for a great brand of hockey. The compete level is extremely high as they take pride in representing their province and view the event as an opportunity to essentially promote themselves to NCAA, USPORTS, WHL and other programs. It’s a great environment to be in and I enjoy the camaraderie with coaches from both leagues.”

“The showcase comes and goes very quickly so we cant afford to feel our way through it. We want to approach it like we are here to win and show well. I hope the players embrace the challenge and enjoy the moment. It’s important the players connect quickly with their teammates and coaches which should aid with the communication once we hit the ice.”

Eric Labrosse – OCN Blizzard Head Coach & General Manager
Team MJHL 18U White – Head Coach

“It will be great to see all of our young, talented MJHL prospects unite their efforts and compete hard at a high level together.”

“Our mindset has to be one of utmost competitiveness and keeping things very simple in this type of event which is short lived over three days. We will need to play with pace and grit and battle hard for one another. The players chosen are here for a reason and they just need to have fun with it when showcasing their talent to represent our league and their organization.”

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