MJHL encourages fans to visit Pettinger ‘Go-Fund-Me’ page

Hockey fans throughout Canada are being encouraged to visit the ‘Go-Fund-Me’ page for injured Portage Terriers’ defenceman Braden Pettinger. 

Fans can make a contribution and read updates by going to: https://www.gofundme.com/77ag2dq4 

Pettinger, 20, suffered paralysis following a fall into the boards last week. He fractured his C5 vertebra in his neck in several places, a statement from the family reported. 

“It’s a terrible injury and now we can all show our support for Braden and his family by assisting financially,” MJHL Commissioner Kim Davis said. “The hockey community is very tight knit. Fans are passionate and giving. Braden and his family would appreciate all help.” 

Numerous news outlets have reported that surgeons at Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre repaired Braden’s vertebrae, but currently he’s paralyzed from the chest down. 

Davis said the league has notified the Terriers that there will be resources available for any player who needs assistance dealing with what they witnessed.