MJHL Power Rankings | Week 18 2021-22

(-) 1st – Waywayseecappo Wolverines
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 25-9-2
Impressive Player: Forward Boston Bird – 6 assists
Waywayseecappo is a full-on wagon. They’ve moved into the top spot in the West and show no signs of slowing down. They’ve always had the work ethic and the system to be successful, now adding elite scoring makes them one of the most feared teams around.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th vs Swan Valley, Saturday, Feb 5th @ Swan Valley

(+1) 2nd – Winkler Flyers
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 24-9-1
Impressive Player: Forward Troy Hamilton – 4 goals, 2 assists
A solid month of January capped off with a pair of strong wins that showed off depth scoring and strong goaltending. Winkler slowly has put a lot of positives together and if it continues, they have to be the odds-on favorite to host round 1 playoff games.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th @ Steinbach, Saturday, Feb 5th vs Steinbach

(+1) 3rd – Steinbach Pistons
This Week: 3-0
Overall: 27-8-1-1
Impressive Player: Forward Cooper Rice – 2 goals, 3 assists
A much-needed strong stretch of games that squashed a modest losing streak. Steinbach showed off depth scoring but a really strong defensive effort kept goals against down. A strong power-play will make teams regret heading to the penalty box because it’s unlikely they will spend the full two minutes.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th vs Winkler, Saturday, Feb 5th @ Winkler

(-2) 4th – Dauphin Kings
This Week: 1-1
Overall: 25-10-1
Impressive Player: Forward Logan Calder – 3 assists
Despite a comeback for the ages, the Kings couldn’t build on that momentum and let two points, as well as first place in the division, slip away. Coming off a month of win one-lose one, the Kings will look to build and sustain momentum in a month where points may be hard to come by.
Up Next: Wednesday, Feb 2nd @ Swan Valley, Friday, Feb 3rd vs OCN, Saturday, Feb 4th @ OCN

(+2) 5th – Winnipeg Blues
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 23-13-0-2
Impressive Player: Defenceman Tyler Teasdale – 3 assists
A pair of much-needed wins for the Blues who are holding on to second place by the slimmest of margins. The Blues are showing they can win the tight-checking games as well as find timely goals. They can’t worry about what’s going on around them, they need to focus on their own business.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th vs WPG Freeze, Saturday, Feb 5th @ WPG Freeze

(-1) 6th – Swan Valley Stampeders
This Week: 1-0-1
Overall: 18-17-1-3
Impressive Player: Forward Carter Cockburn – 4 goals
A wild couple of games for the Stamps where they flexed some serious scoring muscles to come back in one game to get a point then suffocate the opponent in the next game. If the Stamps can keep proving they can win in multiple ways, they’ll keep pushing teams below them lower and lower and keep raising eyebrows around the league.
Up Next: Wednesday, Feb 2nd vs Dauphin, Friday Feb 4th @ Wayway, Saturday, Feb 5th vs Wayway

(+2) 7th – Neepawa Titans
This Week: 1-1
Overall: 15-17-2-4
Impressive Player: Forward Cameron Trimble – 3 goals, 3 assists
A gutsy overtime win keeps them in the hunt for that fourth and final playoff spot but efforts like they followed it up with can no longer be tolerated. Titans can’t give away points and hope the teams below them continue to stumble. Points by any means necessary this week or risk watching come mid-March.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th @ Virden, Saturday, Feb 5th vs Virden

(-2) 8th – Selkirk Steelers
This Week: 0-1-1
Overall: 15-16-2-1
Impressive Player: Forward Mathieu Catellier – 1 goal, 2 assists
For a team that sold off, they continue to find a way to keep games close and pick up a point here and a point there. It’s not going to get any easier down the stretch but it doesn’t look like the Steelers will be going away any time soon. If they get in, they’ll be battled tested when playoffs come.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th @ Portage, Friday, Feb 5th vs Portage

(+1) 9th – Virden Oil Capitals
This Week: 0-1-1
Overall: 16-17-3
Impressive Player: Forward Braden Fischer – 2 goals, 2 assists
After losing the way they did the night before, a real mature, bounce back effort showed that the Oil Caps are serious about taking the next step as a team. They have the scoring to be dangerous every night and they have 12 games in February to work on the other areas of their game.
Up Next: Thursday, Feb 3rd vs Neepawa, Friday, Feb 4th @ Neepawa

(-2) 10th- Portage Terriers
This Week: 0-3
Overall: 15-19-2-1
Impressive Player: Goaltender Chris Fines – 0-2 81 saves on 87 shots over 2 games
A serious hit to the playoff hopes for a team that hasn’t missed in a long, long time. There’s still a chance but they’ll need to find ways to score more consistently and with some key injuries, it’s going to take everyone to get the ship pointed in the right direction. No more nights off if you want to make the dance.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th vs Selkirk, Saturday, Feb 5th @ Selkirk

(+1) 11th – Winnipeg Freeze
This Week: 0-2
Overall: 8-25-2
Impressive Player: Goaltender Michael O’Sullivan – 0-1 45 saves on 49 shots
After starting the month filling the net, the end of January was not kind to the Freeze as they finished with just one win and scored 3 goals only once in their last three games. It’ll be a bumpy ride to the finish, but it’ll be a learning experience for a young group on and behind the bench.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th @ WPG Blues, Saturday, Feb 5th vs WPG Blues

(-1) 12th – OCN Blizzard
This Week: 0-2
Overall: 12-20-1-4
Impressive Player: Forward Mike Hlady – 1 goal, 1 assist
After coming into 2022 in decent position, some really tough games have seen the Blizzard slip out of playoff contention. It’s going to be an uphill battle the rest of the way but if they’re serious about making a push, they’ll need to prove it against one of the top teams in the league. Do that and maybe they can claw their way back.
Up Next: Friday, Feb 4th @ Dauphin, Sunday, Feb 6th vs Dauphin