On-ice officials selected to 2024 MJHL-SJHL Showcase

WINNIPEG, MB – The Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) is pleased to announce the on-ice officials who have been selected to officiate the 2024 MJHL-SJHL Showcase.

“These officials were selected for the same reason the players have been selected,” shared MJHL Director of Officiating, Patrick Gagnon. “This is a great opportunity for our officials that are currently working through the ranks in their officiating careers. They will have the chance to showcase themselves while working a game with many top players at the Jr A level.”

“They work hard throughout the season and are committed to their craft so I also see this as a feather in their caps to be able to work these games. These are always great experiences and I’m sure they will all enjoy working these games.”

7 Alward; Mark 33 Appleyard; Brock
114 Austin; Chase 182 Bourgeois; Nick
90 Burnell; Brenden 139 Cramer; Jacob
94 Hinds; Kyle 50 Hill; Jordy
93 Martin; Amy 66 Krall; Cameron
41 Mcdonald; Carson 138 Loewen; Carter
31 Noonan-Robinson; Nicholas 121 Lyle; Jordy
95 Szczepanski; Luke 179 Matuszewski; Bobby
112 Waddell; Brady 80 Nordman; Riley
96 Wilkinson; Andrew 75 Ruta; Evan
70 Wither; Brad 150 Smith; Tyson
15 Wood; Chris 53 Tiede; Carson