Pistons Beautifying the Community

The Steinbach Pistons aren’t only concerned about their success on the ice. The organization also takes pride in building up the community and they showed that first hand this past weekend. 

The Pistons were invited by BSI Insurance/IBAM and Take Pride Winnipeg to paint a house on 464 Ash Avenue in Steinbach. There were 10 Pistons players alongside three BSI insurance employees who completed the project in approximately five hours.  

Take Pride Winnipeg normally stays within the Perimeter Highway, but they ventured outside because their lead sponsor IBAM is a province-wide company. The project started at 9 AM and the second coat was wrapped up at around 1:30 PM.   

This is the first of many projects/events where the Pistons will show first hand their appreciation back to the community for their overwhelming support.  

Project ideas, events or volunteers opportunities are always considered by the team and can be sent to info@steinbachpistons.ca.

Watch the You Tube video!