Pistons crop program progressing nicely

By: Steinbach Pistons

The Steinbach Pistons are very excited for the upcoming harvest of our Crop Program this year, and are grateful for the help of Scott Peters and his team at Herbsigwil Farms.

This year’s crop of soybeans have experienced near ideal conditions and are thriving on the Pistons field which is located near Zhoda, 5 miles south of the HWY 403.

“The Pistons crop is coming along very nicely,” says Peters who is doing his 2nd crop project alongside the Steinbach Pistons. “We had a dry start to the growing season and then sporadic rain throughout which has allowed the soybeans to thrive.”

Obviously things can take a 90 degree turn instantly in the farming world, but so far, the Pistons 4th crop project is looking good. The last time the Pistons seeded soybeans on this field, they received a heavy dose of hail, damaging a good chunk of the crop two years back.

Joining Herbsigwil Farms in helping with the Pistons crop program are team sponsors Southeast Seeds and Marc Hutlet Seeds.

The Pistons are very grateful for the agricultural communities help in building a successful Junior A program in southeastern Manitoba.