Playoffs result in extra revenues: Kings’ Hedley


Winning the Turnbull Cup is obviously the No. 1 objective of the eight teams preparing for the MJHL playoffs. But, making the playoffs also has its benefits on the business side of hockey ─ which is crucial for future success.

“When you’re doing your budget, you typically budget to break even over the regular season,” Kings’ GM/Head Coach Doug Hedley says. “Making the playoffs, and going deep in the playoffs, would be fantastic in terms of revenues. That’s cash coming in at the gate.”

“Playoff hockey is where you hope the fans really support you. Playoff revenues is very much reaping the rewards of a good season.”

After missing the playoffs the last two seasons, the Kings will be taking on the Swan Valley Stampeders.

“This is a good match-up in terms of travel for both teams and their fans,” said Hedley. “Hopefully, our building has a lot of their fans, and vice versa. Hopefully, both teams will benefit at the box office in this playoff match.”

It would be an understatement to say fans in Dauphin are excited about seeing their Kings back in the race for a championship. Hedley said the club recently conducted a season-ticket selling blitz for next season, resulting in nearly 200 tickets sold.

“Those ticket sales translate into money in the bank before we even start next season. There’s also the sponsorship and advertising aspect of our operation which should benefit from us making the playoffs this spring.”

Hedley said the Kings’ organization has worked hard both in and around the community in terms of getting their players involved. “Our players have been outstanding in terms of community involvement. That is an important part of being in a community.”

A seasoned hockey veteran, Hedley isn’t about to say anything which will end up on the other team’s bulletin board. But, he’s optimistic coming into the playoffs. “It’s going to be a good series,” he said. “I know the people around town are excited.”