Q & A with Brad Bowles, Portage Terriers

He’s one half of the Portage Terriers’ Twin Towers: Brad Bowles. His twin brother Shawn is the other half, and what many fans may not know, he’s the older brother of the two by a few minutes.

Brad Bowles is in his final season with the Terriers. This past season he was named MJHL MVP and Playoff MVP. He’s also a CJHL nominee for MVP and Top Forward honours. He’s arguably, one of the best-ever players to play in the MJHL. He’s currently in Estevan, playing in the Crescent Point Energy Western Canada Cup.

Q: Biggest influence in your hockey career?
A: My mom and dad. They really supported me all through my career.

Q: Favourite NHL team?
A: Toronto Maple Leafs

Q: Favourite NHL player?
A: Alexander Ovechkin

Q: If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
A: Playing baseball. I play senior in the summer.

Q: Any superstitions?
A: None at all. Honest.

Q: Best dressed Terrier?
A: Michael Knaub

Q: Favourite music?
A: Country – Florida Georgia Line

Q: Tell us one thing no one would know about you?
A: I play the guitar

Q: Is the Turnbull Cup heavy?
A: It’s not heavy at all, I like lifting it.

Q: How often do you wear your RBC Cup championship ring?
A: Only worn it once – at the Terriers’ Sportsman Dinner. It’s actually sitting at home in Elkhorn.

Q: Favourite meal?
A: Pizza – Pepperoni

Q: Besides you, your brother and Brett Orr, who is most famous person from Elkhorn?
A: Sheldon Kennedy.

Q: Have you and your twin ever tried to fool people by posing as the other brother?
A: Yeah, once in a while. We actually did it a lot in school. We’d switch desks for fun.

Q: How special is it to play with Shawn?
A: Very special, especially at the junior level. And playing on the same line is really good.

Q: You come from a hockey family. Your older brother Jason and sisters Candace and Sherri all played high-level. Who’s the toughest of the Bowles?
A: Candace. She’s very tough and aggressive.

Q: Apparently no one is allowed to wear street shoes in the Terrier dressing room? Any other dressing room rules?
A: Lot of rules from Geno Romanow (long-time Terriers’ equipment manager ). No tape on the floor, stuff like that. We like a clean room.

Q: Other than Portage, where are the wildest fans in the MJHL?

Q: Who would win a fight between Kanye West and Flo-Rida?
A: Flo-Rida. No doubt.

Q: Favourite non-hockey athlete?
A: Tennis player Roger Federer.

Q: Which actor would play Brad Bowles in the ‘Brad Bowles” movie?
A: Brad Pitt!

Q: If there’s a villain in that movie, who would play the villain role?
A: My teammate Ryan Sokoloski. He’s a great actor!

Q: Favourite actress?
A: Blake Lively

Q: Without mentioning any names, have you spoken to any CIS hockey teams about next year?
A: Yes, several