Q & A with Carter Johnson: Swan Valley Stampeders

February 27, 2015



Q: Your hometown is Gimli. Next to you, who is the second most famous person from there?
A: Probably my grandfather, Bobby Leiter. He played in the NHL and for the Winnipeg Jets of the WHA.



Q: Favourite NHL team?
A: Pittsburgh Penguins.


Q: Favourite NHL player?
A: Sidney Crosby


Q: Any superstitions? If so……how about listing a few?
A: Keep my sticks away from the goaltender’s stick. Also, I don’t like my stick touched after I tape it.


 Q: Best thing about being a Swan Valley Stamp?
 A: Definitely my teammates.


Q: If you could have lunch with anyone, who would that be?
A: Sidney Crosby for sure!


Q: Favourite songs on your IPod?
A: Elizabeth Motts, Ethan Galloway ─ Moving Mountains; 5 Hours Deorro, Keys n Krates dum dee dum


Q: Favourite pre-game meal?
A: Chicken and any kind of pasta.


Q: Excluding Swan Valley, favourite rink to play in?
A: I like playing in Virden.


Q: Are you a back of the bus kind of guy? Middle?
A: Towards the back.


Q: If they made a “Carter Johnson” movie, would it be Action/Adventure? Comedy? Romantic? Mystery?
A: Action/adventure.


Q: If they ever made a “Carter Johnson” movie, which actor would play you?
A: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Q: Who would be the leading lady in your movie?
A: Margot Robbie


Q: Last movie you went to?
A: Dumb and Dumber To (2)


Q: Next to hockey, what other sports do you like?
A: I like football, baseball and I played volleyball when I was in high school.


Q: Top 3 things on your bucket list?
A: Play college hockey; get a degree; play professional hockey.


Q: When your hockey career is over, what are your career aspirations?
A: Be involved in hockey.


Q: Best verbal jab aimed at you? (No profanity, please.)
A: “Your hair looks stupid”.


Q: Best jokester on the Stamps?
A: A tie between (Michael) Fortin and (Daylon) Creasy


Q: Best dresser on the Stamps (excluding yourself)?
A: Graham Hunt has some pretty good style.


Q: Biggest influence in your hockey career?
A: My parents. They are always supporting me.


Q: Your most memorable game?
A: Probably when I got a hattrick, scoring my third in double overtime last year in the playoffs in Virden.