Q & A with Dallas Starodub, Selkirk Steelers

Q: Who had the biggest influence on you as a hockey player?

A: I would definitely say that both my parents had the biggest influence on me playing hockey. From driving me to hockey games, preparing my pre game meals and putting me in hockey camps when I was younger to develop my skills.


Q: You played your entire minor hockey in Selkirk? What’s it like to play for your hometown Steelers?

A: There is no better feeling than being able to rise through the different levels of hockey in Manitoba and have the opportunity to represent your hometown as a local kid. Just having the ability to communicate with local residents and hear the support they give to the team and yourself is a great confidence boost to go out and perform at your best.

Q: Any idea why your parents named you Dallas?

A: Surprisingly there is a meaning behind my name. My Dad is a diehard Cowboys fan and in 1996 the year I was born the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl. I have been told Troy was an option also as Troy Aikman was the starting QB at the time.

Q: Any favourite Steeler when you were younger?

A: I grew up watching many good Steelers teams over the years so it is very tough to pin point one favourite Steeler but I would probably have to pick Steve Sleep, Evan Walsh and the Brent and Kyle Howarth duo.

Q: Tell us one thing that fans wouldn’t know about you?

A: Fans would probably not know that I am a hardcore gamer. I usually stick to most sports games though. (Get a hold of me for my Xbox gamer tag for a free loss)

Q: Favourite meal?

A: Anything that involves pasta to be honest but I prefer the pasta to be penne noodles.

Q: Last movie you watched?

A: The last movie I watched was the Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary “Pumping Iron”

Q: Plans after junior hockey?

A: I am currently in the University of Manitoba so I would like to continue playing hockey and getting an education at the same time.

Q: Any one special hockey moment stick out the most?

A: My most cherished hockey moment was my whole 14 AAA year. There were so lifetime friendships built and many memories from the team’s success I will never forget. We won the League, Provincial Championship and placed second in the Western Championships.

Q: Favourite NHL team? Player?

A: The Montreal Canadiens have always been my favourite NHL team. My favourite NHL player is Alex Ovechkin ever since he broke into the league.

Q: If you could pick anyone, who would you like to have a beer with?

A: If I could have a beer with anyone it would probably be Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. I would love to learn how to build a successful business and make money.

Q: Other than Selkirk, which MJHL rink is rockin’ with atmosphere?

A: Steinbach in my eyes is the best away rink to play in. Their fan support is off the charts. OCN comes in second though, they really no how to get that place loud with the over hanging balconies.

Q: Any superstitions?

A: I don’t really believe in superstitions that much based on the fact that if something you always do isn’t available at a rink. Everything I do is more of a habit. I like to have control of it regardless of the setting but I do have a shower before every game.

Q: Which actor would play you in the “Dallas Starodub” movie?

A: I would like to say Mark Wahlberg. He can be very funny but also play a serious role that is a good comparison of my personality.

Q: Favourite actress?

A: Well this is a pretty tough one because I honestly only watch Adam Sandler classics over and over again but I liked Margot Robbie in Wolf on Wall Street. (For obvious reasons)

Q: Other than hockey, any hobbies?

A: Besides hockey I enjoy golfing in the summer, spending time with friends and listening to music.

Q: On a musical level, country music? Rock? Easy listening?

A: I am all over the map with music. It all depends on setting once again. I like to listen to old 70s and 80s before a game or with my dad. Being that he’s not a country guy, rap or a fan of EDM, I usually listen to that with my friends or myself.

Q: Top 5 favourite songs/or singers?

A:  1. Anything by “The Weeknd”
      2. A$AP Rocky- Better Things
      3. Fetty Wap- RGF Island
      4 Migos- Pipe It Up
     5. Carnage- Bricks

Q: Favourite non-hockey athlete?

A: My favourite non-hockey athlete is Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys. I am a huge fan of his passion and emotion for the game. He has the ability to change a game with his attributes single handily.

Q: Best-dressed Steeler on road trips?

A: I would like to consider myself in this category but I would definitely say Cole McCartan. He’s always up to date with the new dress shirts, shoes or jogger dress pants.

Q: Favourite post-game meal on the bus?

A: The best post-game meal we get is the lasagna we pick up in OCN. The only downfall of it is, that it takes about an hour to cool down. I am still stumped on how the guy gets it to stay that hot for so long.

Q: There’s a lot of chirping out on the ice/off the bench. What was the funniest chirp directed at you? Keeping in mind this is a family website.

A: Most of the time I am usually the guy doing the chirping from the ice and bench, some of which can’t be mentioned…but what comes to mind happened this year. I think it was our season opener and Hawthorn was reffing us. Before the ice was ready Hawthorn came up to the bench and said “Hey Dallas aren’t you too old to be in this league you have only been here for 10 years already”. I started laughing and told him I have another year left and he said “Oh my god I thought you were like 30 already”. I thought this was pretty funny as he made reference to me having one more year of eligibility.