Q & A with Kings’ Marlin Murray

Marlin Murray is well known to MJHL fans as the General Manager/Head Coach of the Dauphin Kings. On the ice, his Kings have accomplished an impressive list of credits: RBC Cup finalist, winner of the Crescent Point Energy Western Canada Cup, a Turnbull Trophy championship, and perennially a top contender in the MJHL. 

While fans are familiar with Murray behind the bench, he’s much, much more than a hockey coach. He very kindly agreed to answer a number of questions which gives you an up close and personal look into Marlin Murray the person.


Q: Who had the biggest influence on you as a person, and coach? 

A: All my coaches when I played. Dwayne Kirkup(AAA) Bruce Thompson (Junior) and Tom Skinner (CIS). Away from the ice, my wife and my daughter influence me daily. 

Q: If not a hockey coach, what would you be doing?

A: I had an interest in becoming a police officer or school teacher and lastly, maybe a chef!  

Q: What’s the best part of coaching the Dauphin Kings? 

A: Being a part of a TEAM that cares, and seeing individuals grow as a person under our guidance. 

Q: Tell us one thing that fans wouldn’t know about you? 

A: I’m shy.  

Q: Favourite meal?

A: My wife is a great cook.  So there are many options. I would have to say the combination of BBQ steak and hash brown casserole. 

Q: Last movie you watched? 

A: Took my daughter to her first theatre movie few weeks back, so Minions it is!!  

Q: You played for the Brandon University hockey team. What type of player were you? 

A: I would say a two-way forward who competed hard.   

Q: Do you pattern your coaching style after anyone?  

A: I watch a lot of NHL on TV. I try and learn weekly from it.  I love the way Joel Quenneville handles himself. He’s very passionate for the game and his players. I’m also a fan of Winnipeg Jets’ coach Paul Maurice, and how he handles the media.  

Q: Top 5 favourite alumni Kings you’ve coached? 

A: Such a tough question because I care for all the players that went to war in front of me, and we’ve had some really good kids here. 1. Tyler Harder 2.Mitch Czibere 3.Brett Willows 4.Shane Luke 5.Brent Wold  

Q: Pick 1 player in the NHL to build your team around?  

A: Manitoba boy: Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks !  

Q: Any one special hockey moment stick out the most? 

A: Being down 4-0 in game 4 in the third period at home against the Winnipeg Saints in the 2010 MJHL championship and coming back and winning that game and hoisting at home.  

Q: If you could pick anyone, who would you like to have a beer with? 

A: Don Cherry  

Q: Other than Dauphin, which MJHL rink is rockin’ with atmosphere? 

A: Virden usually puts on a good show.  Kings’ alumnus Lindsay Gullet did a heck of a job there!  

Q: Any superstitions? 

A: Yes. But,they are more like routines. When we go on a winning streak I stick to the same agenda on game day from the time I wake up in the morning. And I won’t cross the path of a black cat.  Never!  

Q: Which actor would play you in the “Marlin Murray” movie? 

A: Can Russell Crowe skate?  

Q: Favourite actress? 

A: Charlize Theron  

Q: Other than hockey, any hobbies? 

A: The lake. I enjoy riding the Seadoo, being on the pontoon. I also enjoy golf and cooking.  

Q: What’s changed the most in the MJHL since you first came into the league? 

A: Couple of things. On the ice, there’s a lot less physicality in the game. Off the ice, social media.  

Q: On a musical level, country music? Rock? Easy listening? 

A: I love music.  All types, actually. But, country would be at top. Eric Church is really good.  

Q: Favourite NHL team ?  

A: Edmonton Oilers.  

Q: Favourite non-hockey athlete? 

A: Male – Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays. Female – Genie Bouchard, professional tennis player