Stamps’ coaches sign extensions

The Swan Valley Stampeders have locked up their coaching staff for the foreseeable future as head coach and general manager Erik Petersen and assistant, goaltending consultant and director of marketing Landon Kroeker have signed new deals with the club. It’s something new for the Stampeders to resign a coach during the season, as they have previously resigned their coaches during the off season.

“I had a two-year option, but the club renegotiated a new two-year deal with an option for a third year,” said Petersen. “So for the rest of this season and the next two I’m under contract, with an option for another year.” Petersen said staying in the Valley was the right move for him as he has a young, talented team he wants to keep developing. “My contract’s option came up on Dec. 15 so something had to happen here in December,” he said. “I really enjoy the team – it’s a younger team, but I feel it’s a pretty strong team, and I enjoy working with the guys.” “I also enjoy working with Landon, he’s doing an excellent job with the sponsorship as well, and the guys really seem to respond – it’s a really fun group, and all I want if for them to be good ambassadors for the town, and work hard every game,” he added. Petersen has a record of 42-44-7 in his one and half years with the club.

Kroeker, who just joined the Stampeders this season, also signed a two-year deal with an option for a third. He said he’s excited about the potential of this team. “I was excited, and this is something I wanted,” said Kroeker. “Erik and I both see the core of this team coming back for two years, and we’d like to work more with them.”

As well as working with the players, Kroeker has a prominent role with the team online and in the community soliciting sponsorship, and said he’s looking forward to continuing with that aspect of the job.  “I find this town is very receptive to (sponsorship),” he said. “It’s a community-minded team, the support is really good, and everyone has been welcoming.”

Locking up both coaches was an easy decision for the Stampeders organization to make. “Landon, on and off the ice, has been exceptional,” said Stampeders Governor Warren Clark. “They both have done exceptional work.” “We’re the youngest team in the league right now, but we’re competitive every night, and they’re buying into what both coaches are saying,” he added. “They both understand the small market on and off the ice, and we really like what they’re doing and want them here to finish what they started.”