Steelers Extend Mike FM Broadcast Agreement

The Selkirk Steelers Junior Hockey Club is pleased to announce that a new three year agreement has be reached with MIKE FM Winnipeg. The new agreement that was reached recently will take the team and MIKE FM Winnipeg into the 2017-2018 season.

“We are very happy for this extension as it will allow us to continue bringing our fan’s top quality coverage on MIKE FM Winnipeg” said Steelers General Manager David Obirek.

The Voice of the Steelers Michael Gerl and MIKE FM is entering its first full season of providing Steelers coverage after joining the team part way through the 2014-2015 season.

“This three year agreement is the first of many steps towards MIKE FM Winnipeg’s goal of moving towards a 24/7 local all-sports station as recently announced. The last half of last season served as a terrific buidling block towards this long term agreement. We look forward to presenting the Steelers fans with exciting hockey action the next three seasons. We look forward to creating partnerships with local companies as broadcast partners, I wish to also thank Steelers ownership and management for the chance to bring Steelers Hockey back to the airwaves of MIKE FM Winnipeg long term” said Michael Gerl, MIKE FM President.

MIKE FM Winnipeg is an online only radio station – for the Steelers game coverage, schedule and to listen live, visit or on the stations apps for android and iPhone or by following the link on the Steelers website