Viterra MJHL Power Rankings | Week 10


(-) 1st – Steinbach Pistons

This Week: 2-0
Overall: 19-2-1
Impressive Player: Jamie Fuchs – 4 goals in 2 games
Outscoring their opponents by a combined score of 13-2 over two games, the Pistons have jumped to the top of the MJHL goal differential at +56. Steinbach allowed just 8 goals in the entire month of November.
Up Next: Dec. 2nd vs Dauphin (at U of M’s Wayne Fleming Arena), Dec.3rd @ Portage


(+2) 2nd – Portage Terriers

This Week: 2-1
Overall: 15-6-3-2
Impressive Player: Owen Underhill – 2 goals, 2 assists in 3 games
Even though they lost in their return to Stride Place, the Terriers must be feeling like they’ve taken a step forward coming off 5 straight road games where they went 4-0-1. The recent additions have helped on the score sheet and the continued depth throughout the lineup makes them dangerous every game.
Up Next: Dec. 2nd vs Waywayseecappo, Dec. 3rd vs Steinbach,


(+2) 3rd – Dauphin Kings

This Week: 1-1-1
Overall: 15-5-1
Impressive Player: Jordan Bax – 2 assists in 3 games
While the overall month of November was good, the fact all the wins came against MGEU West rivals is a major boost. Sitting just a single point out of top spot and room to grow as a forward group, the Kings defense and goaltending have held strong, giving up the fewest goals in the division at 51.
Up Next: Dec. 2nd @ Steinbach (U of M’s Wayne Fleming Arena), Dec. 3rd @ WPG Blues, Dec. 5th vs Virden


(-1) 4th – Virden Oil Capitals

This Week: 1-1
Overall: 15-5-1-1
Impressive Player: Naton Miller – 1 goal, 1 assist in 2 games
Had a 5-game winning streak snapped but it wasn’t for lack of determination, heart and grit. All three have played a role in the Oil Caps’ success on top of elite scoring and steady defensive play in front of great goaltending. Not blowing teams away but grinding out hard-fought wins, building character.
Up Next: Nov. 30th vs Neepawa, Dec. 1st vs Winkler, Dec. 3rd vs Blizzard, Dec. 5th @ Dauphin


(+1) 5th – OCN Blizzard

This Week: 3-1
Overall: 13-9-0-2
Impressive Player: Eric Mork – 3 goals, 1 assist in 4 games
A hard team to play against every night, the Blizzard are pushing up the standings while holding down those chasing. While they may not score in bunches, they have scoring sprinkled throughout the lineup and strong goaltending keeps them in games until they can scratch out a timely goal.
Up Next: Dec. 1st vs Selkirk, Dec. 3rd @ Virden, Dec. 5th @ Swan Valley


(-4) 6th – Winkler Flyers

This Week: 0-1
Overall: 16-3-0-1
Impressive Player: Marek Miller – 0 goals in 1 game
A forgettable small slip where the often-powerful offense dried up. The most painful part would have been not being able to play any games to get the positive vibes back. Look for a complete group effort like has been on display through most of the year.
Up Next: Nov. 29th @ Niverville, Dec. 1st @ Virden, Dec 6th @ Waywayseecappo


(-) 7th – Neepawa Titans

This Week: 2-1
Overall: 9-11-1
Impressive Player: Carter McLeod – 3 goals, 2 assists in 3 games
Can’t call them a surprise any longer. The Titans have turned consistent hard work and improved depth into wins as the month rolled along. Proved they can score when needed and can get the key save in a big situation. Can’t take the foot off the gas with teams ahead pulling away and teams chasing.
Up Next: Nov. 29th @ Virden, Dec. 1st @ Swan Valley, Dec. 2nd vs WPG Freeze, Dec. 5th vs Waywayseecappo


(+2) 8th – Niverville Nighthawks

This Week: 3-0
Overall: 15-9-1
Impressive Player: Brendan Bottem – 2 goals, 2 assists in 3 games
A much-needed positive stretch after hitting the ditch through most of November. Hold a sizable lead for the final playoff spot but for a team that has bigger aspirations than just making the playoffs, they’ll look to build on the latest 3-game winning streak and be a force every night from here on out.
Up Next: Nov. 29th vs Winkler, Dec. 6th vs WPG Blues


(-1) 9th – Winnipeg Freeze

This Week: 1-1
Overall: 5-15-1
Impressive Player: Gage Sutherland – 2 goals in 2 games
Massive shootout win, followed up by a hard loss. While they couldn’t stick with one of the best teams in the country for an entire game, they did for a bit and that’s a huge step for the young, hardworking Freeze. The 5 wins is way ahead of where they were this time last year.
Up Next: Nov. 30th @ WPG Blues, Dec. 2nd @ Neepawa, Dec. 5th @ Selkirk


(-1) 10th – Waywayseecappo Wolverines

This Week: 1-2
Overall: 12-9-1
Impressive Player: Sean Williams – 1 goal, 2 assists in 3 games
Closing out the month with a big win should boost a team that has all of a sudden found themselves looking up at a playoff spot. Still right in the thick of things with some important inter-division matchups in December gives the Wolverines time to find their game and build on it.
Up Next: Dec. 2nd @ Portage, Dec. 5th @ Neepawa, Dec. 6th vs Winkler


(-) 11th – Selkirk Steelers

This Week: 0-1-0-1
Overall: 7-14-1-1
Impressive Player: Owen Johnston – 1 goal, 1 assist in 2 games
While scoring was tough to come by, the Steelers can be lifted by the fact they didn’t allow a lot of goals either. If they can find a little more depth in the lineup, they’ll be able to claw their way toward that 4th spot in the MGEU East or at very least, take a bite out of any team they play against.
Up Next: Dec. 1st @ Blizzard, Dec. 2nd @ Swan Valley, Dec. 5th vs WPG Freeze


(-) 12th – Swan Valley Stampeders

This Week: 0-2
Overall: 5-16-2
Impressive Player: Griffin Ayotte – 1 goal in 1 game
Coming off yet another tough loss, the Stamps have some time to regroup and recharge. Despite the results, there are positives that have come from where they picked up a couple of wins. There is room to take steps as an offense, but they have a strong backbone in the crease to build on.
Up Next: Dec. 1st vs Neepawa, Dec. 2nd vs Selkirk, Dec. 5th vs Blizzard,


(-) 13th – Winnipeg Blues

This Week: 0-3
Overall: 4-16-3
Impressive Player: Matthew Dewey – 2 goals in 3 games
The struggle to find consistent goal scoring continues for a Blues team that did not get a win in the month of November. The goaltending can only hold the fort for so long and deserves a ton of credit for keeping some games from getting out of hand.
Up Next: Nov. 30th vs WPG Freeze, Dec. 3rd vs Dauphin, Dec. 6th @ Niverville