Viterra MJHL Power Rankings | Week 2



(+1) 1st – Steinbach Pistons
This week: 3-0
Overall: 5-0
Impressive Player: Forward Travis Hensrud – 3GP/4G/2A/6PTS
They may not have made it easy on themselves but the Pistons remain undefeated to start the regular season with their best hockey still in front of them. They also sit 2nd in the CJHL Top 20 Rankings.
Up Next: Sept. 30th vs Swan Valley, Oct. 1st vs Selkirk



(+3) 2nd – Virden Oil Capitals
This week: 2-0
Overall: 4-0
Impressive Player: Forward Nolan Chastko – 2GP/3G/2A/5PTS
Still undefeated after a pair of tough, hard-fought battles to start the year. The Oli Caps are sitting 4th in the CJHL Top 20 Rankings
Up Next: Sept. 29th vs Portage, Oct 1st @ Portage



(-) 3rd – Winkler Flyers
This week: 2-1
Overall: 4-1
Impressive Player: Forward Jayce Legaarden – 3GP/1G/1A/2PTS
Good teams learn and respond after losses. The Flyers didn’t like what happened in their first loss of the year and earned better
Up Next: Sept. 28th @ Portage, Sept. 30th @ Waywayseecappo, Oct 2nd vs Waywayseecappo



(+4) 4th – Winnipeg Blues
This week: 2-0
Overall: 3-1
Impressive Player: Forward Ryland Kuczek – 2 GP/2G/1A/3PTS
A more balanced scoring approach early in the year has Winnipeg looking like a team poised to do some damage throughout the year.
Up Next: Sept. 30th @ Dauphin, Oct. 2nd vs Dauphin, Oct 4th vs Portage



(+4) 5th – Waywayseecappo Wolverines
This week: 1-0-0-1
Overall: 1-0-2-1
Impressive Player: Forward Andrew Boucher – 2GP/2G/3A/5PTS
Three out of a possible four points is pretty good. Scoring 10 goals in that two-game span is also a real positive for the Wolverines to build one.
Up Next: Sept. 23rd vs Neepawa, Sept. 24th @ Neepawa



(+1) 6th – Neepawa Titans
This week: 1-1-1
Overall: 2-2-2
Impressive Player: Defenseman Cade Bendsten – 3GP/1G/1A/2PTS
A team finding their way and putting points in the bank now that will come in quite handy down the road. Big opportunity with a major homestand.
Up Next: Sept.30th vs OCN, Oct. 1st vs OCN, Oct 2nd vs OCN



(-3) 7th – Portage Terriers
This week: 1-1
Overall: 3-1
Impressive Player: Forward Austin Peters – 2GP/2G/0A/2PTS
Lower than they should be but I’m sure the Terriers know this may be the lowest they end up on this list. Can guarantee they’ll find another couple of gears going forward.
Up Next: Sept. 28th vs Winkler, Sept. 29th @ Virden, Oct 1st vs Virden



(-7) 8th – OCN Blizzard
This week: 0-3
Overall: 3-3
Impressive Player: Forward Ryan Monias – 3GP/0G/2A/2PTS
Very tough start to a long, long road trip but, lots of time to turn it around. Any points picked up now will help when the tables turn and it’s a long homestand in a tough to win in building.
Up Next: Sept 30th @ Neepawa, Oct 1st @ Neepawa, Oct 2nd @ Neepawa



(+2) 9th – Swan Valley Stampeders
This week: 1-0-1
Overall: 2-2-1
Impressive Player: Goalie Kobe Grant – 1GP/1W/1SO/40SVS
Made a statement against the defending champs. Between the solid goaltending and finding offence from all over, the Stamps are a battle every night.
Up Next: Sept. 30th @ Steinbach, Oct 1st @ WPG Freeze



(-4) 10th – Dauphin Kings
This week: 1-1-1
Overall: 2-3-1
Impressive Player: Forward Mason Smith – 3GP/1G/1A/2PTS
Not the start the Kings would have preferred but still finding ways to keep in the fight. Lots of runway left for a team that knows early season stumbles won’t matter too much.
Up Next: Sept. 30th vs WGP Blues, Oct. 2nd @ WPG Blues



(+2) 11th – Winnipeg Freeze
This week: 1-1
Overall: 1-3
Impressive Player: Forward Aiden Dufault – 2GP/1G/2A/3PTS
First win of the year in the books. A team built on effort and team scoring can be more than a handful if taken lightly. They may surprise their opponents for a bit, but not for long.
Up Next: Oct 1st vs Swan Valley,



(-2) 12th – Selkirk Steelers
This week: 0-1-1
Overall: 0-2-1-1
Impressive Player: Forward Lucas Brennan – 2GP/2G/2A/4PTS
Tough finding that first win but a highly talented Steelers team will find it eventually, then the league will have to look out.
Up Next: Sept. 29th vs Niverville, Oct 1st @ Steinbach



(-1) 13th – Niverville Nighthawks
This week: 1-2
Overall: 1-4
Impressive Player: Forward Brett Tataryn – 3 GP/1G/4A/5PTS
The first win of the franchise is one they’ll never forget. Battling in every game is also a trait of a feisty Nighthawks club.
Up Next: Sept. 21 vs Steinbach, Sept. 25th vs Niverville