Viterra MJHL Power Rankings | Week 20

Photo: Jonathan Kozub


(+3) 1st – Waywayseecappo Wolverines

This Week: 2-0
Overall: 21-22-1-3
Impressive Player: Owen Wheatley – 2 assists in 2 games
Riding a 7-game winning streak, one of the hottest teams in the league has clawed its way into a playoff spot. Not only that, but they have also built a bit of wiggle room and with the same number of games played as the team chasing them, control their own fate as the end of the season quickly comes.
Up Next: Feb 22nd vs Steinbach, Feb 24th @ Blizzard, Feb 27th @ Neepawa


(+1) 2nd – Virden Oil Capitals

This Week: 3-0
Overall: 34-7-3-3
Impressive Player: Grady Lane – 3 goals, 3 assists in 3 games
It’s not always just winning the games you should win, it’s about winning them in a certain way. The group showed off in a big way by scoring 17 goals in a three-game span. A tougher schedule to close the regular season will give the Caps a chance to really ramp up for what they hope is a lengthy playoff run.
Up Next: Feb 21 @ WPG Freeze, Feb 24th @ Steinbach, Feb 25th vs Blizzard


(-2) 3rd – Steinbach Pistons

This Week: 2-1
Overall: 39-7-3
Impressive Player: David Cote – 1 goal, 3 assists in 3 games
A massive response after having their 6-game winning streak stopped in its tracks, the Pistons stepped up and secured two crucial points against a division rival trying to chase them down for top spot. Depth scoring has picked up and the big guns look like they’re ready to ramp things up for playoffs.
Up Next: Feb 22nd @ Waywayseecappo, Feb 24th vs Virden


(+1) 4th – OCN Blizzard

This Week: 3-0
Overall: 30-14-1-3
Impressive Player: Adam Belzil – 2 goals in 3 games
A tough three game road trip produced three more wins. They don’t all have to be pretty. Points by any means necessary as they hold onto the second spot in the MGEU West Division. Home would be nice to start the post-season, but the team has a very impressive 18-8 record on the road so far this year.
Up Next: Feb 24th vs Waywayseecappo, Feb 25th @ Virden, Feb 27th vs Dauphin


(-3) 5th – Winkler Flyers

This Week: 2-1-0-1
Overall: 35-8-2-3
Impressive Player: Jayce Legaarden – 3 goals, 2 assists in 4 games
A mixed set of results will leave the group wanting more as the home stretch of the regular season comes into focus. Some lessons are hard to learn and coming off giving up 7 goals, look for the group to respond on both sides of the puck this weekend. They’ll want to make a statement with a bounce back.
Up Next: Feb 23rd vs WPG Freeze, Feb 25th vs Selkirk


(+1) 6th – Dauphin Kings

This Week: 3-0
Overall: 30-14-1-1
Impressive Player: Ashton Paul – 1 goal, 7 assists in 3 games
There’s an argument to be made that the Kings could be at the top spot in the rankings with the way they’ve played of late but regardless of what number is by their name, the team has the belief they can beat anyone. Starting to peak, no one is underestimating what Dauphin can do when the dance starts.
Up Next: Feb 23rd @ Portage, Feb 24th vs Niverville, Feb 27th @ Blizzard, Feb 28th @ Swan Valley


(-1) 7th – Portage Terriers

This Week: 2-0
Overall: 31-10-4-4
Impressive Player: Mighton Johnson – 2 goals, 1 assist in 2 games
Hands down one of the most unfair rankings of the season. The Terriers have been playing inspired hockey for weeks now. The team has bought in. They’re defensively one of the strongest teams in the league and primed to be a buzz saw once the playoffs start. Everyone knows to fear the bite of this dog, regardless of ranking.
Up Next: Feb 23rd vs Dauphin


(+1) 8th – Selkirk Steelers

This Week: 1-0-0-2
Overall: 20-21-3-4
Impressive Player: Ethan Brown – 1 goal, 4 assists in 3 games
The slow and steady climb to that 4th and final playoff spot has been nothing short of impressive. The league has taken notice and no matter what is thrown their way, the Steelers have handled it and kept pushing for more. There’s no reason that building shouldn’t be full and rocking every night. Imagine how hard they’d be to beat then?
Up Next: Feb 23rd vs Neepawa, Feb 25th @ Winkler, Feb 28th @ WPG Freeze


(+3) 9th – Winnipeg Blues

This Week: 2-2
Overall: 9-34-4-1
Impressive Player: Tavon McCorrister – 1 goal, 1 assist in 4 games
A couple of good, hard fought team wins will give a well deserving bunch a shot in the arm going forward. What’s happened before this point doesn’t have to define the groups whole year. If they can push for a couple more wins and take some points away from desperate teams, the look changes to being much more positive.
Up Next: Feb 27th vs Niverville


(-2) 10th – Neepawa Titans

This Week: 0-3
Overall: 21-25-1
Impressive Player: Kyle Weisgarber – 1 goal, 1 assist in 3 games
Slipping behind in the playoff chase, there’s still plenty of runway left for the Titans but the margin for error is slim. Every point gained or lost will decide their fate. A massive contest coming up to end February could be their season. Win and the fight continues. Lose and the mole hill to climb becomes a mountain.
Up Next: Feb 23rd @ Selkirk, Feb 24th vs Swan Valley, Feb 27th vs Waywayseecappo


(-1) 11th – Niverville Nighthawks

This Week: 0-3-0-1
Overall: 23-21-3-1
Impressive Player: Avery Laliberte – 1 goal, 1 assist in 3 games
It’s been a decline over the past few weeks that few could have envisioned. It’s not for lack of skill but the key details that were celebrated in the first half have gone away. Still time to put the train back on the tracks. The group will look to tune out the noise around them, bare down and find a way with must win games on the horizon.
Up Next: Feb 25th vs WPG Freeze, Feb 27th @ WPG Blues


(-1) 12th – Winnipeg Freeze

This Week: 0-3
Overall: 8-35-3
Impressive Player: Aven Cockerill – 1 goal in 3 games
The same things that have been issues through most of the season continue. The group is one of the hardest working in the league, but they give up too many shots and can’t score enough. There have been flashes and teams know you can’t take this group lightly. A never-say-die attitude will be tested.
Up Next: Feb 23rd @ Winkler, Feb 25th @ Niverville, Feb 28th vs Selkirk


(-) 13th – Swan Valley Stampeders

This Week: 0-3
Overall: 10-39-2
Impressive Player: Darren Hunt – 1 goal, 1 assist in 3 games
Battling with everything they have, the group has perhaps deserved better than the scoreboard would indicate on most nights. The goaltenders have done all they can but can only hold the fort for so long. On-the-job lessons are hard to learn. Hope is they use it as a chip on the shoulder for the future.
Up Next: Feb 24th @ Neepawa, Feb 28th vs Dauphin