MJHL Playoffs 2020 | First round schedule released

The playoff race for the 2020 Turnbull Trophy will begin Friday, March 6.  The Manitoba Junior Hockey League and the eight member clubs eligible for the 2020 MJHL Playoffs are pleased to release the first round schedule:

1Fri06-Mar7:30 PMWinnipeg BluesatSteinbach Pistons
2Sun08-Mar2:00 PMSteinbach PistonsatWinnipeg Blues
3Tue10-Mar7:30 PMWinnipeg BluesatSteinbach Pistons
4Wed11-Mar7:30 PMSteinbach PistonsatWinnipeg Blues
5*Sat14-Mar7:30 PMWinnipeg BluesatSteinbach Pistons
6*Sun15-Mar2:00 PMSteinbach PistonsatWinnipeg Blues
7*Tue17-Mar7:30 PMWinnipeg BluesatSteinbach Pistons
1Fri06-Mar7:30 PMDauphin KingsatPortage Terriers
2Sun08-Mar6:30 PMDauphin KingsatPortage Terriers
3Tue10-Mar7:30 PMPortage TerriersatDauphin Kings
4Fri13-Mar7:30 PMPortage TerriersatDauphin Kings
5*Sun15-Mar7:00 PMDauphin KingsatPortage Terriers
6*Tue17-Mar7:30 PMPortage TerriersatDauphin Kings
7*Wed18-Mar7:30 PMDauphin KingsatPortage Terriers
1Fri06-Mar7:30 PMVirden Oil CapitalsatWinkler Flyers
2Sun08-Mar7:30 PMWinkler FlyersatVirden Oil Capitals
3Tue10-Mar7:30 PMVirden Oil CapitalsatWinkler Flyers
4Thu12-Mar7:30 PMWinkler FlyersatVirden Oil Capitals
5*Sat14-Mar7:30 PMVirden Oil CapitalsatWinkler Flyers
6*Mon16-Mar7:30 PMWinkler FlyersatVirden Oil Capitals
7*Tue17-Mar7:30 PMVirden Oil CapitalsatWinkler Flyers
1Fri06-Mar7:30 PMWayway WolverinesatSwan Valley Stampeders
2Mon09-Mar7:30 PMSwan Valley StampedersatWaywayseecappo Wolverines
3Wed11-Mar7:30 PMWaywayseecappo WolverinesatSwan Valley Stampeders
4Fri13-Mar7:30 PMSwan Valley StampedersatWaywayseecappo Wolverines
5*Mon16-Mar7:30 PMWaywayseecappo WolverinesatSwan Valley Stampeders
6*Tue17-Mar7:30 PMSwan Valley StampedersatWaywayseecappo Wolverines
7*Wed18-Mar7:30 PMWaywayseecappo WolverinesatSwan Valley Stampeders