Viterra MJHL Power Rankings | Week 15

Photo: Jonathan Kozub



(+2) 1st – Steinbach Pistons
This Week: 2-0
Overall: 28-4-3
Impressive Player: Trey Sauder – 3 goals in 2 games
Riding a 7-game winning streak heading into Wednesday night’s contest. With the addition at the trade deadline, an already deep lineup got that much deeper, posing a threat shift after shift.  They make it very difficult for opponents to hang around for a full 60 minutes.
Up Next: Jan 17th vs Waywayseecappo, Jan 19th @ Portage, Jan 21st vs Neepawa, Jan 24th @ Niverville



(-1) 2nd – Virden Oil Capitals
This Week: 2-1
Overall: 26-6-2-2
Impressive Player: Marshall Light – 1 goal in 2 games
A slight stumble off a very impressive run of success shouldn’t dampen the spirits of the Oil Capitals. If anything, it will be a good reminder for the group that there are no nights off. Being at the top comes with facing the opposition’s best every night. This group looks primed for that challenge.
Up Next: Jan 19th vs Dauphin, Jan 20th @ Blizzard, Jan 23rd vs Waywayseecappo



(+1) 3rd – Winkler Flyers
This Week: 1-0
Overall: 25-5-2-2
Impressive Player: Isaac Deveau – 1 goal in 1 game
Consistent and balanced are words to describe the Flyers in January. They have yet to lose in 2024. Strong offensive threats that come in waves, a bolstered defense that makes life difficult in their own zone, and can also chip in with goals, on top of elite goaltending. Winkler is dangerous and feeling it.
Up Next: Jan 17th vs WPG Freeze, Jan 19th vs Selkirk, Jan 21st @ Waywayseecappo, Jan 24th @ Portage



(-2) 4th – OCN Blizzard
This Week: 0-1
Overall: 22-11-0-3
Impressive Player: Quincy Supprien – 1 goal in 1 game
Despite a setback in their only game in a week, the Blizzard still have a firm grasp on second place in the MGEU West with eyes on the top spot. Some time off will only help a group that’s learning how hard it is to be the hunted. A lighter schedule means teams around them will catch up in games played.
Up Next: Jan 19th vs WPG Blues, Jan 20th @ Virden



(-) 5th – Dauphin Kings
This Week: 1-0
Overall: 20-11-1
Impressive Player: Ashton Paul – 1 goal in 1 game
Coming into 2024, the Kings have put together an impressive run. Finding ways to put the puck in the net combined with tougher to score against usually leads to wins. With games in hand, the club has quietly crept up behind the top two teams in the division and home ice in round 1 is very doable.
Up Next: Jan 19th @ Virden, Jan 20th vs Niverville, Jan 23rd @ Swan Valley



(-) 6th – Portage Terriers
This Week: 1-0
Overall: 23-8-4-3
Impressive Player: Ashton Fishley – 1 assist in 1 game
A big turnover at the trade deadline, the new faces are going to get more comfortable in their new systems. A deeper backend will help reduce golden chances against while the players expected to score are finding confidence. Some tough games ahead will tell if this dogs bark is a roar or a whisper.
Up Next: Jan 17th vs WPG Blues, Jan 19th vs Steinbach, Jan 24th vs Winkler



(+3) 7th – Neepawa Titans
This Week: 2-1
Overall: 17-19-1
Impressive Player: John Baird – 1 goal, 2 assists in 3 games
After struggling to score coming out of the break, the Titans have found their stride, albeit inconsistently at times, and are looking to put some distance between themselves and the chasing pack. They hold their playoff fate in their hands. Time off around a hard matchup needs to be used wisely.
Up Next: Jan 21st @ Steinbach



(-) 8th – Waywayseecappo Wolverines
This Week: 0-0
Overall: 13-19-0-3
Impressive Player: (Season) – Sean Williams – 20 goals in 35 games
A week between games should help bring out the best in the speedy, hardworking Wolverines when they do get back onto the ice. Trailing the final playoff spot by 4 points, a group that feels their best hockey is still in front of them will be chomping at the bit to go on a run starting now.
Up Next: Jan 17th @ Steinbach, Jan 21st vs Winkler, Jan 23rd @ Virden



(-2) 9th – Niverville Nighthawks
This Week: 1-1
Overall: 21-14-2
Impressive Player: Josh Danis – 2 goals, 2 assists in 2 games
A much better response coming off a pair of draining losses, the Nighthawks went stride for stride with one of the top teams in the league and didn’t blink. Deeper up front and on the backend, the Nighthawks will look to soar up the rankings and standings if they can keep up their recent play.
Up Next: Jan 19th @ Swan Valley, Jan 20th @ Dauphin, Jan 24th vs Steinbach



(-1) 10th – Selkirk Steelers
This Week: 0-1-1
Overall: 14-18-2-1
Impressive Player: Mathieu Moreira – 2 goals, 3 assists in 2 games
They never cheat you for effort. The Steelers are a pain to play against and have shown they have the firepower to make teams pay when they give them time and space. Strong goaltending can keep them in games. A group that will not be handing out points for free but could still have eyes on playoffs.
Up Next: Jan 18th @ WPG Freeze, Jan 19th @ Winkler, Jan 21st @ WPG Freeze, Jan 23rd vs WPG Blues



(+2) 11th – Winnipeg Freeze
This Week: 1-2
Overall: 7-25-2
Impressive Player: Matthew O’Sullivan – 2 goals, 2 assists in 2 games
Every win helps boost confidence of a team that has shown mental and physical toughness through long stretches of a grueling season. Battling, grinding out games as a team continues to bring the group together and regardless of the overall record, they never quit.
Up Next: Jan 17th @ Winkler, Jan 18th vs Selkirk, Jan 21st vs Selkirk



(-1) 12th Swan Valley Stampeders
This Week: 1-2-3
Overall: 9-28-2
Impressive Player: Darius Makse – 3 goals, 1 assist in 4 games
It’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows for a team that moved off many of their veterans at the deadline. The ones who stayed are going to instill qualities that will last for years to come. Younger players will get more of a chance and a young group is going to grow together through adversity.
Up Next: Jan 19th vs Niverville, Jan 20th vs WPG Blues, Jan 23rd vs Dauphin



(-1) 13th – Winnipeg Blues
This Week: 0-2
Overall: 6-25-3
Impressive Player: Liam Krupcyznski – 1 goal, 2 assists in 3 games
Regardless of what the score says at the end of the night, the Blues are a tough team to deal with. They have proven scorers who make teams pay but sticking with teams for a full 60 minutes, that tends to be the problem. They give up lots of chances and their goaltending can only do so much.
Up Next: Jan 17th @ Portage, Jan 19th @ Blizzard, Jan 20th @ Swan Valley, Jan 23rd @ Selkirk