MJHL partners with Brock McGillis

WINNIPEG, MB – The Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) is pleased to announce it has partnered with Brock McGillis, who will deliver a virtual presentation to all MJHL players and staff members surrounding inclusion, hockey culture and his personal story of triumph as the first openly gay men’s professional hockey player.

Brock McGillis MJHL Presentation:

After humanizing the experiences of being queer, Brock will break down tangible ways to create safe and comfortable spaces in the hockey environment and more. Mainly focusing on language while also emphasizing the need for individuality and celebrating nonconformity. The more everyone embraces who they are, the less likely they are to judge others.

Recognizing that most people want to be good, Brock will help inspire MJHL players to be shift makers. Through storytelling and sharing experiences, Brock will discuss how people can use their influence to impact society and how everyone has the ability to create shifts, regardless whether it’s in sport life, home life, work life or beyond.

“We can’t commend Brock enough for his voice in the hockey world and all of the work he is doing covering these difficult areas and we look forward to working with him this season to help better educate ourselves in these very important topics,” Kevin Saurette, MJHL Commissioner shared.

About Brock McGillis

Brock McGillis is the first openly gay men’s professional hockey player and a leading activist in the LGBTQ+ space. His continuous work to shift the conversation around sports and the LGBTQ+ community earned him recognition as one of The Hockey News 100 most influential people in hockey for 2022.

Brock’s passion lies with creating shifts and shift makers. He speaks at schools to educate students on the importance of their language, the impact of bullying as well, and the importance of mental health. Having spoken to many corporations and companies, Brock sees the value in educating individuals in corporate settings. Not only does this help employees live authentically, it helps them engage with their children or in any coaching they do but it also can be of benefit to the corporation to help them create a more inclusive workforce.